Saturday, November 25, 2006

Congratulations Tammie! a beautiful baby girl!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

One last post for the 23rd of the month at just past 23:23, it's been pleasant tonight and I've had fun, though all in all tiring fun due to emotional women - the worst kind if you're in need of relaxation. Hopefully tomorrow will be less... tiring.
Ah, at last - all the livingroom woodwork is painted, it looks good- except now you can see just how yellow and fucked the window frames are, and ditto the double glazing; so I suppose I'd better paint them too...
My Holiday has Recovered!

Happiness returns, or at least Paint Fume fuelled Caffeine enriched Amon Tobin driven phoning Beautiful Women I fancy by mistake watching Animated Meat (see Tam's blog) and ordering Big Wool Rugs online secure in the knowledge that my company Bonuses will cover the divorce & general Fried Chilli Cabbage with Spiced Lamb fun seems to have cheered me up... Yay!

SteveyJ was supposed to be down, but a broken arm has held him up, and Nik is apparently locked in his room and not answering the phone (Nik! come down quick, I only have 3.5 days holiday left!) but even on my own in this cold messy flat of mine the Happiness Holds!

and... I'm still sober. cooooolio. unlike Ben, then again Ben should know better.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yesterday turned bad, took a painful while to fill in the divorce papers (not easy filling in the adultery clause, especially in triplicate) then I went and checked the bank only to find I don't have enough cash left in my overused overstrained overdraft to pay the initial court costs. This means I have to wait till I'm closer to payday so I can write a check, thus delaying any "closure" I hoped for this week. I spent the rest of the day & night reading to escape this nightmare - which worked better than expected. Hurrah for pulpy Sci-Fi!

I've just been for a run, haven't been out in weeks so it's good to know I'm still pretty fit. This could of course be down to all the running I vaguely remember doing while drunk - just kidding. It does wonders for you mentally; I feel more relaxed than I have since the start of the holiday. Though it's not warm out & shorts and a tee-shirt have left me rather chilly & in need of a very hot bath.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My holiday has got off to a swinging start - it's freezing here, so cold I can pretend I actually got around to booking a week in Prague. I've lost some weight - shivering, and feel nearly ready to get on with the great tasks ahead, forms to fill in, washing to do, paint to buy; Oh the excitement!

Ok, so I'm a sarky bastard.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I feel like a genetic anomaly this morning, left out and doomed to die lonely. oh, and overly dramatic. The neighbours have their baby - I occasionally hear it muling and puking, sounds cute. I have... ah, yes, some bad habits, books and bruises.

Actually that's all bollocks - I feel fine, but I *should* feel like that, and I'm sure I will feel like that later but right now everythings bearable. I'm getting ready to go see The Goonies at the Duke of York. Which will be cool. Though it's a kids showing so that might not help my state of mind. mmm. or maybe it will?