Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tired, Gogol Bordello were ace; but not as good as The Dresden Dolls. Last night was Ben's (second) leaving do, good Indian food and nice wine. I need to go on Holiday too... (or "travelling" as he calls it)

I was feeling good this morning but after talking about Divorce with lil'miss shirty earlier I feel drained and down. I need all this to be over but having sarky comments thrown at me by people I respect simply makes me reproachful. Need escape...

Monday, November 06, 2006

That was the best weekend this year (so far at least...) Saturday we went to the Climate change demo, a lovely walk through winter sun soaked London and hectic Trafalgar Square frolics. Then to the NFT bar and on to the Tate modern. There was a 3 hour wait to go on the big slide exhibit so we just watched for a while and bumped into my parents who'd been to the David Smith show - which I wanna spend a day at some time before Christmas.

We had good Thai food in Camden and polished off the evening watching The Dresden Dolls at the Roundhouse; definitely the best gig I've been to this year, I still have the stamp proudly preserved on the back of my left hand like a real fan-boy.

Nik came down yesterday making Sunday very pleasant, plus I got to see a few people I don't see often and eat lots of nice food.

And tonight it's Gogol Bordello at The Dome, wicked!