Saturday, November 04, 2006

That was a strange evening, on the one hand it started as a nice relaxing Friday in a different pub with a few slightly different people building up to band practise; on the other, as it became the usual climax of "pub full of developers shouting" I hovered around the periphery (got bought drinks by Graham to avoid BP, foolish boy : ) then followed the party, bound victim like for Ross's - and kinda gave up; summit to do with Ela, not sure exactly what my dear fragmented head's up to but I ended up getting a taxi home to avoid what was a very promising party. Filled with people I like, some of whom like me and a very select and possibly misguided sub set of whom actually have some kinda attraction in either one way or the other. So I'm back home, shaved, cut my hair, about to bathe and think about why the fuck I'm here. (...and prepare for tomorrow - oooooooOOOOOOOoooooo...)

So here's to last names and some kinda suburban sickness.

Oh, and to friends, past and present.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another day, another day, another day...

Off to the Climate Change demo in London on Saturday, gonna take my Practika and some nice Ilford film... then a meal in Camden... then... The Dresden Dolls! WaHey!

Nice to have something to look forward to, might check out the Tate Modern after the demo, heard good things about the "slides" installation...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dave and I being chased on 16mm:
...and we have a name:

"Tetchy Bint and The KungFu Kings"

wicked. Though it was just The KungFu Kings last night...
Stress at work, always stress at work. I need a holiday.

We had a good band practise last night, just guitars and voice, tried out some electric & fx - it sounded brilliant for the second practise; especially as Ben has never played guitar with anyone else before. Did a rather muddy recording, think we need to be really careful about mushing everything up - and get plenty of whooping and clapping in there : )

...Anything to take our minds off work.