Friday, October 20, 2006

The filming is done! Dave has taken 100ft of Kodak-Eastman B&W cine film exposed by our good selves (and Moogy boy) off to be developed and tele-cined somewhere (nowhere labs in fact) in north London, I'm dead excited - better than all that boredom.

Watched Ben do a talk on armadillos last night at the Catalyst club, very entertaining, Toby Ames showed a selection of his photos and again was very entertaining and Cheeky Dave Bramwell told us about his last Utopian trip to a commune in a hollowed out mountain in Italy. There was a talk on David Icke at the end which wound me up, but mostly because I'd drunk too much wine. Absynthe followed and was replaced by a prolonged period of blackness...

A thoroughly good evening.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm bored - I have plenty to do, and I'm doing it - but I'm bored. Bored with (nearly) everything. So Bored I just ate a whole pork pie simply because that's what I craved in that one moment of boredom. Now I feel bored and very sick, I still feel the need to eat more Green and Blacks 70% dark chocolate even though I feel nauseated & bloated, perhaps the nausea will blot out the boredom. Or perhaps not.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Saw Children of Men on Saturday - most excellent, politically fired up with a harsh realism about it which works brilliantly. It was a very filmy weekend, Saturday morning I traipsed across London with Dave Packer to buy 16mm film stock (yum, lovely cine film...) and saw Broken flowers (entertaining but disappointing toward the end) and Departed (on a par with Infernal Affairs, too many American bullshit-isms though).

Now I'm dead tired - took Kat out to dinner again, a nice way to end a trouble filled, shitty day. 'Course I ought to have asked "someone else", but for some reason I keep asking Kat instead. No idea how my head works. No idea at all.