Friday, October 13, 2006

Went to the Play4 release party last night, it was very pleasant. Good food, great company; generally very enjoyable. Took lots of B&W photos, look like we're in some New York Jazz club in the 60's...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Argh! I've "lost" a machine head on my steel string & had to back wind it. Darnit. Put on my new acoustic pickup, tis wicked, and nice new strings. Kat's busy disposing of my remaining dope - no drink or drugs for me. She likes the new "flamenco" number, I think it's going to be ace.

Finished Shadow of the Colossus last night, it's excellent but has quite a depressing ending; strangely touching. I now have Ico to play which is a little odd now I know what happens to the characters in the future, and knowing it's not very nice, just like real life.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wayhey! I'm well! 3 pints of Fosters shandy last night before going home has put me off drinking - its vile, sickening and left me feeling faint and on the verge of crashing for most of the evening, so no more booze for me! (honest - well, I do have wine; but I really ought to avoid drinking it...)

Made up a list of all the Brighton practise rooms yesterday (excluding Monster as they're a little far out) and the three best picks were:

284 - two rooms under the prom on the sea front, 10m under the road - very cramped, very cheap and pretty cool from my odd perspective.

Strummers - a converted toilet near the Marina, perfect! cheap, and fitting for some cool new musical experimentation.

Scream - lavish, expensive (not by Oxford standards but still more than I'd normally pay to practise) with themed rooms and convenient extras.

Probably go for Scream first just to get things moving and then try the others if we're in need of a little more seediness; which is quite likely. Graham, Ben and I spent lunch wandering around shopping for gadgets, I found an acoustic pickup (transducer) for £17.95 which I may buy tomorrow, Graham failed to find a replacement output jack for his Ibanez, so two mangled wires it remains. Phil (who has voiced drumming vocational merit) and I talked at length last night about interesting percussive setups, attaching pickups and triggers to skins etc. Could be kinda cool with a bit of thought and some jiggery pokery. Lucia joined me on the bus and offered her services on keys but I think we should concentrate on what we have for the moment...

WooHoo! What larks : )