Saturday, October 07, 2006

A rather pleasant (if still ill and aching like an old man) Saturday morning at work, I feel appreciated and rather proud : )

Off to get some lunch in a short while and enjoy the beautiful weather - I have an Ilford B&W film in my Praktica & I'm planning to get some strong contrasty winter sunshine shots, need grain and harshness...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Ah, another bulletin from the Hell in which I live... in which I'm going to say nothing about anything important to anyone. Cause I can.

Today is a day of stressful work permeated with pain, abdominal and chest, the persistent feeling that I've missed something important and lots of rain. It's quite spectacular looking out over Brighton from the 8th floor with the huge rippling clouds of rain rolling past the window across the city. Plus I've just persuaded Rich to go get me food 'cause I'm too ill to go out in weather like this, yay!

I hardly slept last night but I'm so hyper from the hours of procrastination (1am - 6am) and the illness that I feel nearly... normal. Dosed up on Nurofen which may well be helping.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another strange night - this time not so scary, feel I might actually be recovering, though there's definitely something funny going on inside me...

Probably be back at work tomorrow - I hope it's not going to be super stressy or I won't last long - had a nice long procrastination session in the bath earlier about work (deleted... damn politics I was really getting into my stride then.)

This is probably as close as I'll get to the mythological journey of the hunter, it's been every bit as horrid as you'd expect, I feel somewhat different now though. Could be the painkillers.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Iller - if that's a word; or even if it's not. Yesterday at least I managed to play through half of Shadow of the Colossus, I only managed to crawl off the futon at about five today - can't sleep in my bed as all the coughing seems to have totally screwed my back up. It's like I've had the shit kicked out of me, the whole of my midriff is a big bruised mess. I could live with that if it wasn't for the coughing fits - I've sort of trained myself to swallow lots rather than coughing but occasionally I get caught out and end up on my knees. Don't really want that to happen at work but I may risk it tomorrow anyway. Hopefully I'll be feeling allot better in the morning.

On a slightly more upbeat note after the short (and vocal free due to my throat - well, hoarse & croaky at best...) BP with Kat it looks like she's in - again, so Graham con guitara & Kat sur le bass. I need some techno backing now and we might have quite a nice little band.

And back to horribleness again; in the deepest most hallucinogenic few hours of my painridden night I was thinking about the possible need to call an ambulance (that's not paranoia, I was a total mess) I had a long trawl through the people I could call and for some reason (which I don't understand though it still seems to make some weird kinda sense) 'trope was top of the list - a bit of a shock after the last coupla months events. I suppose the mind works in mysterious (&seriously fucked up) ways. 'course I broke my mobile so I no longer have her number - not to mention it would probably just freak her out.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ah, Monday, and I'm off sick - nearly a whole night sitting up in bed coughing, probably driving the neighbours spare. This is the third day my voice has been gone, its quite annoying, plus I had a loada meetings set up today which'll have to be moved. Grrrrr what a pain in the arse.

Gonna go curl up in bed and feel sorry for myself...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Its been a strange weekend, I've been focused on something which is probably ultimately unobtainable - brushed with it a few times but don't seem to be able to get any further. Danced till 4am on Friday (Saturday...) night with a girl who seemed pretty cool, surrounded by bemused lesbians at the Candy Bar. I lost my voice & it's not come back completely yet. How careless - can't sing anything now. Jammed with Graham last night - think we might try something funky, distorted electro backing with acoustic guitars; bit like Fiji. Call ourselves "The Plagiarists".

I made a slight error in judgement late last night. We went to the Sidewinder to meet some SS compadr├ęs, who we missed - if indeed they even turned up, and at some point I demonstrated the indestructibility of my battered old N-Gage by repeatedly smashing it on the table. This, rather unsurprisingly in the sober light of day, resulted in... reduced functionality. So reduced in fact I might go as far as saying it no longer functions at all. So if anyone out there is waiting for me to call, I won't. However they're welcome to come for lunch at the Hannover this afternoon if they want : )