Friday, September 29, 2006

Watched V4Vendetta last night, it's very good, very political & 80's yet so poignant and current - plus its well written, acted and shot. I wish I'd seen it at the cinema...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wow, just had a - I feel a bit ill saying this, very amusing call from some arsehole phone company - 3mobile I think (though it's always hard to tell) As anyone who reads this shitty blog with any regularity will know I HATE SALES CALLS.

However, on this occasion it was really rather pleasant. Some nice Nordic sounding guy trying his best. In a true Nordic way he tried to ply me with not only the wonders of "new" technology but also the fantastic sexual effect having a video phone of my very own would have on the female population of Europe. This I view with a mild amount of scepticism if only because I think anyone I met who was that shallow would probably be of less than no interest, and possibly worthy of premature... ownership of such a phone themselves.

...& they wouldn't experience the wonders of a video conversation with me anyway, as I don't have one.

The final straw for the poor guy was (after ten minutes of hard sell) when I told him I've written games for mobile phones (briefly I must emphasise, that being the work of The Devil Himself) and that as a consequence of this plus a thorough knowledge of what exactly he was talking about, I really wasn't interested in more than conversation alone.

I got to really rub it in by keeping this up and forcing him to say goodbye (etc) three times before he finally caved in and hung up on me. Ah, satisfaction.

Bored now. If only I had a snazzy phone to play with. I could text *** for free. Ooo. Bugger.
After a suitably frosty response from Heliotrope Girl, one I'm used to now; though it's still a little painful in one of those as yet under calloused areas of my emotional persona, I have had a strangely nice evening - Listening to Electralane and painting things white (I look like snowman again!) reminiscing about Ivy's Itch and bashing guitar on stage, all my friends back in... oh, yeah, in "the past", it's nice. Nice isn't a good word however, which is, I suppose, quite fitting.

I miss my female friends - back when they were around they tended to be a pain in the arse, but it's good to have the company of both sexes. Down here I only have a handful of women I can talk to, I suppose it's down to the fact I'm single - being happily married made it much easier to get along with, apparently.

I have acquired credit in order to text someone, it would probably be a bad idea to "talk" about it in any clearer fashion than that at least for the moment - but yet again (once a week, comme Romeo) I've become mildly interested in an inaccessible female, this time with such a great situation of impending doom a good friend earlier said "delete that fucking number NOW!" - which I didn't do; after all what would be the fun in that?

Wish me luck, I'll need all I can get...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Had a great weekend with my Bro, once we'd overcome the usual tentative debates & I'd got him to stop going on about divorce we had loadsa fun, Pipettes on Friday night, Clerks 2 on Saturday followed by a huge night of debauchery including some fun flirting with a coupla really ace ladies and enough tuacca to sink a trawler, Barley Mow lunch on Sunday in the traditional Brightonian way.

I have to recover for a few days before I'll be out boozing again; maybe a little wine at home though. Shame as there's a fun gig tonight, but one must (occasionally) be sensible.

Went running again this morning at 5.45am - so I feel good but a little drained...