Friday, September 22, 2006

Wanna go to lunch with the SS crew, but have to work. Plus I missed the PSP technical seminar in London to finish a new system which it now turns out probably wont get used - but you never know I suppose. Decided on a career change the other night, way too stressful here, and the feeling that I'm just banging my head against a brick wall to no effect isn't helping. Sure it'll all get better next week; well, I live in hope.

My coolio bro is coming to visit for the weekend so I have some fun to look forward to, the weather is awful though - think my family is cursed, the same happened when my parents visited sudden weather changes and rain...

What I need is a piano to play and a coupla weeks off.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Better today, think the sun has cheered me up. Sushi in the park with Iain and a generally good day of shenanigans. Plus the realisation that life isn't really that bad, just interesting. Almost exciting in fact. And I know some great people; some of them actually seem to like me too, on occasion. So, all good.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fuck, life is depressing today, works still (deleted - not allowed to write that) which probably isn't helping, the outcome of Friday's antics is a big depressing pile of crap but that's not massively surprising; it could have been much worse. Shame though, another song I'll never get to sing : )

Oh well, I'm still alive.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

God I'm a mess this morning, woke up sitting on the sofa, dressed and depressed. Alcohol must've done another sterling job on my fragile frontal lobe. Somehow I ended up in a club with Tammie & Simon (the father of her as yet unborn kid) he's got my hair from last time I saw him - style that is, and it's all very odd. Kat was fun but ultimately my undoing, as per usual. I bought a really battered but functional Praktica from the flea market and spend the night taking long exposures of dodgy goths - and more normal shots using an Alpha Sweet to check the lighting which was fun. Not sure when things fell apart but it was probably a gradual slide, not a good set of people to be rat arsed around.

On another note I was very impressed with Scanner Darkly, even though the sound fucked up and went entirely for a minute or two - made me smile thinking of the anti piracy adverts; sitting in a cinema watching a movie you've paid for and the sound is awful + people keep getting up & walking in front of you to go to the loo, now surely that's less of a problem at home? Ben wants me to go to the pub, I feel this is probably a bad idea, but what the hell, got nothing else to live for at the moment + there's no tea left and the flat is a tip...