Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ARGH! Work is manic...

And not helped by Japanese traslation:

"That is written the importance, is as and now not written that on with the game, being to be said to him, the m of Gabriel which is used for his himself time at the house tweet sleeper sir. The figure goes."

Very poetic, and conveying not the smallest hint of the original meaning.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

What a lovely weekend, the parents were very well behaved and we all had a good time. I took them out for dinner last night, introduced them to Tuacca and managed with some directional hiccups to get them to Devils Dyke this afternoon for a picnic.

After missing the cinema at 11am I decided today should be a day off with the mother & father crew. I was supposed to be in work, but this was a special occasion & I did work a full day yesterday so that's that. I think the next week or so is going to be bedlam so it's probably for the best that I had today as a day of rest & recuperation.

Mother has left me with her usual brand of "good advise": "find yourself a beautiful girl and start a family, that's what you need" - thanks, suppose I might give it a go at some point.

Now I'm busy baking bread for lunch tomorrow and cooking some fish & rice niceness, I've set the alarm for 5am - must go running in the morning!

(that post had an awful "Dear Diary..." feel to it. yuk.)