Saturday, August 19, 2006

ARGH! I forgot Ela's gig, F***ing F***ity F***!

Typical I should remember as it finishes, now I feel dead stupid; this'll be the third time I have to apologise for not turning up when I said I would. I'm sure it went brilliantly & she's probably being all cool & jazzy, wish I'd remembered...
I have a Hangover. I am aware that this isn't terribly exciting, interesting or stimulating news, but this weekend I'm determined to avoid excitement, cut down on interest and stamp out stimulation. So, a Hangover it is.

On the upbeat, syncopated with the majority of recent events, I've stopped smoking for over a week now and feel better for it already. I have however developed my nasty shot buying habit to a degree I can neither afford monetarily nor sustain physically. is rather fun though & deals with that "I wish I could stop thinking" part of my life with the rapid effectiveness of Rabies without many of the harmful side effects.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Days off rule - sitting around the house gently easing my way back into full consciousness, contemplating having a doze - and I've only been up for an hour.

Moog introduced me to "the story of O" yesterday - what a very... interesting book, going to have to purchase a copy; it seems somehow off borrowing it from someone else.

"Film lunch" today, gotta get into an extravert/networking frame of mind, not easy sober...

Joyce (producer who I went to film school with) has decided to go into hiding. It's a complicated situation & I'm pretty miffed that it's come to this. She was supposed to be coming to the lunch today but instead she mailed me to say adios - she's a good friend so I hope she'll recover herself and return soon.

More tea vicar?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stress at work.

...and that old beaten up hangover feeling. Why do I do it?

Pretty sure I'm not just a complete masochist; in fact I'd say quite the contrary.

Laziness perhaps, or habit. Work and booze.

I seem to have managed to stop smoking again, if I could do the same with the boozing...

Speaking of which I can't wait to get home and get some nice dins and a whole lotta sleep, mmm.