Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Its so hot! reference The Surface of the Sun...

Met Nadege again last night, looking stunning in a silk dress - I have to actually get around to scanning the photos from Protoplay so I can mail her; that came out wrong, I mean then mail her, ow! all confused :)

I'm getting really wound up by work this afternoon, hours wading through crap code trying to do something which was easy 2 months ago - now its impossible, rewritten in a close to obsfucated fashion, fucking programmers, why can't they just do their jobs?

Calm now, honest, nearly resorted to going out for a cigarette - managed to resist. They don't really help anyway, especially if one's only smoking in the evenings in which case nausea is the only noticeable effect...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Now half recovered from Saturday, though I woke up coughing up nasty chesty crap several times in the night - literally getting it out of my system.

Now, for lunch - Pub or Beach?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ra! Update - found my coat, downstairs in the hall where I must've decided it was a good time to start stripping, I hope I didn't stumble around outside my neighbours flat for *too* long before realising I wasn't actually home yet. Still no cane though - I'd like to say some very politically incorrect things concerning the type of person who is most likely to have picked it up - but maybe this isn't the place.

Having some difficulty coding, though I think it's probably the problem I'm working on rather than the toxin residue in my system that's getting in the way.

WaHey! What a great night :)
Had a very good Burlesque night at the crappy Charles Street - in fact I think it's quite good there now so it must've been pretty amazing, spent too much on bowler hat, tails and a cane then lost the cane later at the Candy bar. Got off in drunken haze with a girl called Eve - always a bad idea having anything to do with girls called Eve, way too biblical. Think that had something to do with the cane.

Supposed to be in work but I didn't wake up till midday - and not feeling particularly with it now.

I seem to have misplaced my coat too - these drunken binges are a wholly bad thing - but I have everything from it's pockets so it's probably around here somewhere : )