Friday, July 21, 2006

The screening was great - makes me feel like I actually still have a chance of escaping the games industry with a decent career. We Drank champagne and lived it up for an evening, wonderful. I got more than enough calls from work - and texts, because they were all freaking out (management that is) but even that didn't penetrate my happiness; and yesterday I fixed stuff and everyone seems happy. (by which I mean *explained* stuff, I despair of them sometimes - holding wrist to forehead and sighing dramatically)

Feel rough now though, smoking too much and drinking more than I ought. Need a holiday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That was a brill lunchtime - went down to the beach and sun bathed, its ~34 degrees today, yum : )

5 of the others swam 1/4 mile out to the marker Buoys, I wasn't up to swimming today, but if it stays like this I will be. It seems quite disproportionate how much the sun (and hordes of beautiful semi naked women covered in sun cream) can cheer one up...

Work is a pain atm, but then again it's not really *that* bad, just very stressy and annoying. Off to London tomorrow to see our little movie on the big screen; I'm pretty sure my producer doesn't realise I have it booked off, but there's not much he can do - especially as he keeps having much more important days off and dumps all the trouble and work in our laps, usually by email. So Fuck That ; )

Monday, July 17, 2006

Had a lovely weekend away, a gothy Friday night and a hectic Saturday (mother's 60th) in the country - a great party :)

Only problem is coming back here to the usual work/life depression, my brother mentioned to mother about the possibility of a divorce and I got a whole loada advise I didn't need/want from him which has left me feeling much worse than I really should. I had mother telling me how much she was looking forward to seeing Tammie, and how I ought to get it together and get her pregnant; not the best choice of conversation at 540am when we were all too pissed to walk, or ever in fact.

Ah well, at least she cares - wish I felt I could tell her; but I don't.

Plus Dahlia and Gavin parading little Oskar about like a Chinese Emperor to be, dammit.

Took some (hopefully) good IR B&W photos of Dahlia and the depths of the garden & orchard, gotta get around to taking my little pile of films outta the fridge and finding a good place to get them processed...