Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm on the edge of being a right fucking cunt - more so.




All fucking night thinking about this and FUCK YOU ALL.

truly sorry about the lack of qualification but there is no excuse for my behaviour - so fuck off, there are a few people out there who read this who I do look up to; but generally There's Nothing.

(13:10 the next day: Too much free wine, silly industry parties, I always get totally hammered. No idea who I talked to. Just remember lots of white leather and mirrors...)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Got no energy today, had a good idea for an interesting blog this morning - but can't be arsed to try'n'remember it now, too contrived anyway. Come to the conclusion I need a change of scenery, new job, new friends, new drugs.

The main problems with that are:

I like my job - even though its the bane of my life
I like my friends - though they are often fleeting especially if female
I like my drugs - beer in fact.

Maybe I need some closer female company... maybe not.

Off to get some sun.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Our little movie "Granny Turismo" has two London screenings next week


01 zero-one
Main venue and delegate centre
Hopkins Street

Friday 21st July


Odeon Cinema
Covent Garden
Screenings and awards ceremony
Shaftesbury Avenue

Wednesday 19th July

Coolio :)

This is silly - I'm still ill, what's going on? I've been very well behaved, well pretty goodish anyway, got lots of sleep (finally finished
Quicksilver; very good indeed) yet I still have aching joints - worse in fact, and a blocked up head. It probably didn't help coming into work Saturday & Sunday.

I need to get better - it's B-Movie on Friday then up to Lincolnshire for my mum's (sorry, Mother's) 60th Birthday Party - which should be a big event, hopefully with lots of wine, wenching, merriment and mirth! I may drag a few people up there to enjoy the festivities.

The only problem is she's insisting it's another bloody Purple/Pink party - last time I got a slightly miffed reception when I turned up in black, with a small entourage of other black clad figures. I had the excuse that no one had told us, so this time it's written on the front of the invite.

Might wear black anyway, the only pink things I own are a pair of fluro tights and a tiny skinny fit armless Marilyn Monroe tee shirt; which I don't think would be wholly appropriate...