Saturday, July 08, 2006

Feeling sick - think my body is rebelling. Nearly done for today (work wise) off for a BBQ, feel more like a week away to recover properly but there's not much chance of that. So, food and co-worker company it is then.

I have a feeling some others might feel like a taking a break from my company too, but it's hard to tell - maybe just paranoia. Or is that just my paranoia that everything can't be as simple as it appears, oh what a confusing day.
Having just poured out a huge lump of worry, stress and sadness somewhere else I can now write a nice bouncy, happy non-goth, popkid neon pile of sweet scented candy coated collapsible chrome childlike happiness.

Well, I could - if I was in Oxford where I'm supposed to be rather than sat in work with another stupid deadline to meet. So, like fuck with candy, where's my fucking life gone?

Bought more Dresden Dolls earlier to cheer myself up - think I need it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ill and working, what a stupid idea this was. Since when did this shitty industry have the power to make us work when ill? Let alone so much free overtime? Hate it all.

Fucking snot filled head.

Talk to the arse MotherFucker...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A short Ill Blog for today...

I had to take the radical decision to take today off sick - not something I'd ever do if I can help it but I'm in no fit state to go into the office, snot, sneezing, exhausted and entrenched in the flat. I took a short walk to buy food and Lemsips, even that drained me - I was panting for what seemed an inordinate length of time when I got back but the crappy Lemsip and punnet of cherries I brought back are definitely helping. ("punnet" of cherries?)

Last night Ben took me to see Jerry Springer the Opera, even though I didn't feel up to it and coughed, wheezed and sneezed my way through it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, no where near as shocking as I was led to believe - particularly by the tract wielding Christians protesting outside the Dome Theatre. Very funny, and I can recommend it to anyone; if you're offended by it then I probably don't want to know you : )

I have the strange tale of Alan Jacques visit to tell, but that's going to have to wait; used all my energy typing this...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Today I'm feeling ill, my voice is screwed, throat sore, generally feeling under the weather, unwanted and crap. My only consolation is a bag of Ben's Cookies.

Alan, one of my friends from back in the UbiSoft days in Oxford, is coming to stay today, he's got an interview here tomorrow and planning to spend the rest of the week checking out accommodation ready for the start of his Uni course in about four months. This is the reason for all the tidying - the flat looks half presentable (as well as half decorated) now, hopefully it doesn't look like a smeg hole to Alan; I am trying not to conform to the Sad Single Male Messy Fuck niche - I'm succeeding on a Level, but which Level? The Level of complete failure or partial success?

I got a coupla nice photos from the Deconstruction/Reconstruction last evenings proceedings, I'll post them here when I get around to scanning them in. I've seen a couple of the participants around - but avoided making a tit of myself by accosting them with praise, doesn't seem right somehow.

Went to see Polysics last night, fantastic Japanese Punk Band - *so* cool : )