Thursday, June 22, 2006

Holiday tomorrow! Wayhey!!! (well, between 9 and 12 hours travelling to Cornwall, Jas's stag do, then 9 - 12 hours travelling back...)

Feel a little guilty today, my brother called yesterday lunchtime to tell me it was his & his students final show - and did I want to go along? Obviously I wanted to, depending on when I could get out of work to travel up to Docklands and meet him. Then lunchtime I popped into the basement of the Argus Lofts to see protoPlay's exhibit/installation/communal fun thing and met Amy wandering around looking very striking with her loud haler and SLR. The atmosphere was somewhere between Art School and a post apocalyptic Horror/Zombie movie, most lovely - talked to a friendly (and very attractive) young artist down there about the oddness of the affair, all locked into a basement for several days making and performing "art" - she seemed to be enjoying it immensly. Amy mentioned the "performance" which they were preparing for and I said I'd come if I failed to make it to the UEL final show... then I came back here and mused about what a crap life I have here, I could be being creative and enjoying myself. darnit.

The guilt comes from being stuck at work till 8pm, hence missing both, sad times.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A good Sunday, the SS lot were excellent - works fucked, but then again it always is; which kinda infers it's fine.

Spent this evening drunk with Connell and Rich, very relaxing - thought I heard someone calling me which was a bit odd, not sure why. Mentioned (a small) part of what's been pissing me off recently to Rich and got a bit of a (fucking huge) reality check, so that's the end of that. shame : (

I'm now at home enjoying a pint of cold, evil larger and contemplating.... bed.

Feel a little dispossessed, not to mention - ow bugger, not talking about it here.

Wish I didn't *like* people so much, it would be much easier if I could just hate them all.

(still not a Goth though : )

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Caught between my craving for nicotine and the need to do some exercise, I have resisted the evil weed only for an hour and feel lousy...

Filming was good yesterday, Dave had found a good deserted pebbly beach - perfect location, we were there about three hours and I'm quite sunburnt - slept from 7ish yesterday afternoon till 10 this morning, so I presume I was a little bit sun-stroked, it felt like the bed sheet had bonded with the skin on my back...

It was lots of fun & I think the final short is going to be very amusing. Dave's Texan Lass left halfway through though, I don't think she realised how boring filming really is, especially if you're not prepared to take advantage of what amusements available - i.e. beer, cigarettes and a beautiful secluded sunny beach.

Now I have to go to work, darn stupid way to spend my Sunday. I have a plan though - get there at 12, lunch at 3 (possibly at the Victory) drag the others to the pub around 6-630 then traipse down to The Joogleberry Playhouse for Jam's odd musical medley about 8. That should be just about bearable, I have Friday off to travel to Cornwall for Jason's stag party, so it's a short week anyway; well if you don't count today...