Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's hotter than the surface of the sun tonight, more heated than a flame war betwixt the tongues of an infinite number of dead nuns and their burning disappointment as they face the non existence of the one sex idol they spent their torrid years worshiping day and night in throws of metaphysical passion their days founded on the fuming nights to follow as they foam with gentle action and slow sodamistic reaction, door handles melting under the body of their faith, spoons from their beloved carpenter, spanking and the odd flirt with a homosexual vicar - missing the ultimate; a good fuck
with God.

To cut a long story short I'm painting, sunburnt as a perfectly cooked lobster but twice as tasty, fourteen times as big, possessing and still able to make use of my opposable thumbs, covered in tiny flecks of white supermatt emulsion - a Snow Globe figure wandering the lone expanses of his domain, finally, once more, under the spell of French Red, his monoplastic ID soaking deep into it's self possessed miasma of morbid mocking mimicry.

It's one am and I'm in the throws of not-passion, that perfect state induced by an unaccustomed quantity of intoxicating liquor, paint fumes, the only ventilation that of yet one more stale lungful of moisture laden air, one more cloud of menthol cigarette smoke, prepared to paint until I can paint no more, a young woman's comment has set me off on a dazed quest to find yet one more me, one more intrinsically flawed version of my ever stumbling ego, paint it all white lobster boy - not least because it's currently a deep peach-pink which my burnt skin matches so closely that I cease to exist when standing too close to the wall.

Friday, June 09, 2006

So, did Heliotrope blush? that's the question of the moment - don't think I'm going to get an answer though :)

Ah, the end of another work day. Time for a quiet shandy on the beach, I may actually eat something tonight, realised earlier that I haven't eaten a "proper" evening meal for a week; that's shandy for you, too full of bubbles by the time I get home. I don't think I've ever been this "low alcohol" - at least since I went to Art College (ie about 17 years).
Just came into work via a 40 minute walk down the beach in the sun (looking chavy with my shirt off :) then 25 minutes dozing on Brighthelm park before walking up here to work, Idyllic.

All I need now is a fried breakfast and a few hours sleep. My flat was boiling this morning, had that sorta gross yet "cleansing" super sweatiness while doing my regime of weights and yoga - somehow very satisfying, and a long bath to follow. mmmm, sun and a light breeze though my window...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beach at lunch, shirtless, shoeless & sockless, dozed for an hour while Graham, Ste & Terry built piles of pebbles then had a strange competition to fill my shoes with them; pebbletastic. Now nicely sunned, yay!

May go back down after work and continue to sun myself - or go home and paint a wall. mmm. tough one.
I propose a toast to the weather! and a BBQ near the West Pier on Saturday, about 3.30?

Argh, smoking too much - it's a "good" excuse to get out of the office and sun myself outside the 3JB's for a few minutes...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Beautiful day! Though a little misty for IR photography - yesterday was "clear as a bell". I bought a nice red filter from the lovely girl in Jessops and took some IR pics of the beach in the beating sun, should be interesting if they come out ok. I said some silly things in the shop 'cause I don't really know enough about still photography to bluff my way through, made her smile though so worth it. It was definitely a hormone day, crashed a light off a stunning woman sunbathing, I must've looked very odd, big old camera in hand with a bright red lens...

My poor machine is whining like a turbine - compilation in the lovely summer heat; hope it's all right, we've had a few "pop" over the last week, they only seem to last about 18 months...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What a beautiful weekend, lots of sun and beach, 6 odd hours of music and recording and I've finally introduced mr paint to mr wall - I now have one white wall in the living room, wayhey! I allowed myself some larger last night too, caught the end of Walk the Line in Alicats to a pint of cold weak Fosters; surprisingly good after an evening on the beach, another upstairs at the Cricketers at a private party we somehow crashed, filled with masked pretty people (quite Moorcock, though we were hiding by the bar out of the way of the main throng) and a shandy (or larger top? whatever you call these things, not really something I've drunk before) in the... crapish old pub in the laines, Bull, Boar, Bore? so yay! to not being an alcky git : )

Had a deal with myself that I could go sunbathe at 2pm if I painted one coat/one wall - but its got a bit misty, still sunny but not quite what I was expecting, darnit - I need a tan, can't be a *real* goth with out a tan!

<Geek>A tiny bit of geek before I go eat fish and rice - why is everyone calling PS3 and the 360 "next Gen" - they're just a very-very fast improved PS2 and a mediocre PC - now when the PS1 came out it beat everything - even PC's; these new machines are shite (relatively), nothing really new or clever. What a loada bullshit hype.