Saturday, June 03, 2006

Had a J2o evening in the pub yesterday; made me feel quite ill - but at least the huge sugar rush/crash cycle kept me in a similar state to all my drunken work friends.

It was yet another odd day; though considering most days are odd I suppose that makes it normal. Had lunch with the SS and got to talk to a coupla girls (women?) who I haven't for a while; less awkward than I though it would be. Then there was a big company presentation where I was (slightly embarrassingly) the only person to get a mention, Lol, but ego food is always good. I had to wear my sunspecs 'cause they're the only prescription glasses I have and I was sat right at the back, which probably highlighted my ponseyness somewhat.

Then, to counterpoint all that, on my way home last night I mentioned a certain someone from the recent past and I got a drunken jovial tale about how upset they all thought I was that
Thursday Night - "They all" being... SS? no idea who exactly, usual gossip mongers I'd imagine. Stupid people, don't they realise lives do actually go on outside their incestuous little circles; anyway, that night I spent crying into a wine glass at a "works do" because Tammie had just told me she was pregnant and they all thought I was upset because of Little Miss X. Stupido!

"Stupido donne di pettegolezzo concentrate auto!" or some such badly translated rubbish.

Which reminds me; I feel the "quarantine period" for Song for Miss X must be nearly over judging by the fact everyone seems to know about it anyway, so I'll dump it on MySpace maybe tomorrow. Plus I have another - a song to make someone blush, which I'm recording later on, fun! : )

I miss Heliotrope's blog - god, what a geeky thing to type - but I do, dammit.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Went to see Silver Mount Zion on Monday night, a most excellent gig! It was held in St George's Church and we ended up in the pews of the top gallery with a packed crowd of muso students - I felt Demon like up there quietly "presiding" over a congregation of music lovers with my big spiky bright red quiff complemented by the remains of black eye liner & nail polish from the previous evening of Fetish and Debauchery...

Must get on, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Just been to the Fetish night at the Harlequin, much fun : ) I spent several hours "making trousers" - something I haven't done for years, florescent tights & fishnets showing through laced splits down the sides. Lots of amusing goings on; much boot licking and sexy girls in latex to watch.

Andrews moaning now in a pissed slur about trashy transvestites with saggy arms, lol, trust him. I'm enjoying being sober - it's good to remember nights like this, snogging Kat in the "whipping room" to the sound of two guys being whipped in the stocks and a pretty young girl being spanked over a trestle is a new one on me.

It's wicked having Drews down here for the weekend, we've been friends since art college - still tonight is the first time I remember him being this pissed & I this sober. Time to get stoned and pass out...