Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sunny Saturday, at least this morning. So it's off to the festival for me (if the weather holds long enough) no flat painting, might buy the paint rollers & brushes though so I can start whenever. My little depressive spell has dissipated, worryingly there may be connection with seeing Tammie twice yesterday, once for lunch with SS in the Pavilion gardens by the big plastic maze and at the Duke of York's last night to see Brick. No idea what my heads up to if that's the case...

Brick was good - I would put it at maybe a 7. I believe it was billed as Donnie Darko meets Twin Peaks, and though that's quite accurate its nowhere near as good as either in it's own right. There was almost a film noir feel to much of it, seeping through at the edges as the hero tries to figure out what's going on and explains the details in long slang thick speeches to the main characters. That could have been the problem, there was no mystery - that old American thing of explaining everything because your average audience IQ isn't old enough to drink.

Enough, time to get food and a hot bath & go to the Festival! Yay!

(When I say "The Festival" I obviously don't mean it literally as its a month long Fringe Arts Festival, today is the main street perfermance part; lots of weirdness to be had)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just been 2c the fiery furnaces, most odd (&cool, yet confusing :)

think i screwed things up, not sure how - but thats nothing unusual. the woman in the ever present take away gave me extra free food; think its probably 'cause i looked a state, thanks. can't eat it anyway.

under paid my rent so i now have 2 spend an extra 25 quid on paint & actually get around to using it. or buying it even. no sign on the buying flat plan - perhaps lil'thang is right, perhaps I should move on.

having difficulty focusing on who i am, def a stupid man suit situation. lol, could be worse. failed in every way this week, & i have a nasty suspicion it shows.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Being an a-typical single male tonight, eating sweet and sour pork balls and boiling over milk on the stove while wandering around feeling lost. No beer or TV so not *that* bad. Have drinking chocolate - not quite cocoa but close enough on short notice, took a long walk down Hove sea front with Ben earlier, nice & sunny. I ought to do that everyday it's *so* relaxing. Could do if I just went two streets further south on my way home...

I'm blogged out, but it's been that kinda day. Going to practise my current "playlist" in a bit and get an early night, a coupla pints of chocolate and a good book. Put the vocal re-recording off until I'm a little more awake and prepared to shout a bit, not to mention "croon loudly".

I've purchased a pile of Ben's books for a pint today, and his weights for a tenner, managed to just drink J2os in the pub while he drank wine and Guinness so I think I deserve a chocolate filled evening.

I might have to write a song about the pros and cons of becoming emotionally attached to people (that wasn't supposed to sound *that* nerdy :) at some point soon, poignant & self destructive; don't think I got enough sun earlier - seem to have slipped into a gothic rut...

Just been reading other Gabriel Lee's blogs, how very odd...

Ah! my monitor is dying!!! FUCK!!!
That's it, I'm done, if I do any more I won't have a job. Listening to Anna Ternheim, kinda nice, very Sunday afternoon. Nearly fell to sleep a few mins ago, I was totally tranced out playing the demo and listening to mellow pop music. Beach in a bit, no visitors today :( well, Withey, but he's working upstairs so that doesn't really count. Oh, did it again, drifting off. Bugger.

Ah, need a weekend; though to be fair I was only asked to come in to work, I could have said "No Thanks Piss Face, do I look like a Sappy Fuck to you?" or something like that but slightly more tactful. But I didn't. It is kinda comfortable lazing in my little corner of ultimate power. I have pictorial proof on my camera which needs to go up here and stuff I ought to make a start on, but I'm too sleepy to plug the camera in and too tired to pick up a biro. Glad The Bug is DEAD, no way I could trace anymore code this afternoon.

Been reading
Pie Hole, very amusing, life on the net...
Yay! fixed The Bug, Super Happy and Ego the size of Canada now.

Just been pointed at a good lookin Geek movie Grandma's Boy which'll provide some alternative entertainment during the long sober nights ahead. Speaking of which J2o just isn't good with Sunday Roast; but it is very refreshing, especially when a little hungover and tired.

The sun's back out again, I need to go soak in it's rays, just another two hours odd finishing up here and I get to go to the beach, and on the way pick up a loada books from Ben's place. Literature and filtered solar radiation, Wicked :)
Ah, all relaxed, got a small pile of work to get through then I'm determined to get either a good Sunday lunch or go to Waitrose and get good food for later. Had a lovely walk in in the Sun this morning coming into work : )

Danced lots last night, went to Born Bad; didn't get to jive though. Met some nice girls who are staying up my end of town - but Peter scared them away, typical! I don't know how he does it...

It's not so bad being lonely Pop Kid, quite fun in fact.

I have a "new deal" with myself; these things don't have a great track record success wise, but I may as well try. Basically it's:

no drink Sunday-Friday

no cigarettes (though I had one with thingy thingy and thingy last night - as one does)

no taxis

more music

maybe start running...

Sure I can manage that. Think there was something else "En haut Fille" mentioned in a fit of helpful lifestyle advise giving, but I can't remember what...

(I didn't mean that comment about intrusive behaviour btw - and sorry for getting a bit drunk & Gabriel in front of your friends & Rob, that cider goes right to the head, probably rots the brain too)