Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ah! did it - at least partially, music's good; at least I think so, vocals are pretty terrible but I'll do another coupla takes tomorrow and see if I can improve on them.

Did the music swap, Ange's little number is ace - maudlin' and touching, it's on a Dictaphone but although that is a pretty bad medium it's a great "genuine article" texture which suits it well. I can't wait to get a copy :) She had some (probably more than she let on...) good points on mine - the most important being timing on the lyrics - it was all very "rushed" sounding; oh, and my vocals reminded her of Can, lol. Ok, so I can't *really* sing :)

I'm not gonna put it up here till I've had another shot at the vocals, not that it'll make much difference but one must make the effort!

I seem to spend my time meeting R&A's friends - or not doing anything, very strange - wish I could either smoke, drink and relax or not do anything at all. Think I'm becoming overly Boolean...

Bugs to look at from a mildly amused point of view now, what jolly japes.

Ah, life's strange. Very.
Too early... an hour ago it was sunny, so I got up, then the weather obviously noticed and Hey Presto! instant cloud. Probably a good thing, I was going to go running on the sea front, tan and weight loss - now I'm not going to bother.

Have my first hangover this week, Ange's good influence; though she bought me a large glass of red last night, my first drink in four days, so maybe not. Had a black sambuca and tequila (and probably others...), nasty mix - had to spend a few mins going through my texts last night as I appear to have a large blank patch. Whoops :)

I'm all happy again now though, NotGothPopKid for sure - white teeshirt yesterday, not one item of black clothing... maybe I've lost my mind - no, definitely gonna wear black today.

Still no recording, bit early in the morning for wailing and bashing guitar - gotta go into work and sort out a stupid fuckwit bug anyway :(

(Meh! :)

Might get to meet Upstairs Girl later on though, Yay, weekend Fun!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

WayHey! 8.07, nearly 12 hours work and it's all working! Fucking wonderful!

Or, another day wasted at work - kidding, I'm so happy I could explode :)

Now I must go and claim my prize of Dinner on expenses - I'm *so* tempted to go for a drink to celebrate my two big breakthroughs today, but resisting so far.

Ange has agreed to do a constructive criticism thing with me musak wise, could be interesting; course it means I have to go home and record the new thing as soon as possible...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well, didn't get far with that - practised & arranged, selected a vaguely correct coupla drum loops to use and pervert to fit - shame I gave my kit to Pete, that'd be rather useful now. Well sold, but never got paid for - typical drummer : )

Had a video & dinner, supper & dvd, whatever & thingy night planned for tomorrow with the usual suspects but Ben is busy so maybe I'll get a chance to get some of it down in the evening.

Tried to name it - as one does at *this* point, but the closest I could come up with is ForAFriend which is silly 'cause it's for me, with a friend in mind, well a circumstance involving a friend; but for me.

Oh, and I probably haven't mentioned it yet (or have I?) but another band called DeadPixels (so not quite the same) started up last September, haven't heard them yet but I've been told they're ok - shame, I liked that name.

To bed now, looks like normality is here at last! - no cigarettes today, and no booze, but it's had it's good points nonetheless & I should definitely sleep easily tonight; lovely summery feeling in the air, potent stuff, nice things to think about and a good book to read. No cocoa though.
The end of another hard day, at least I get my dins paid for tonight.
Hardly anything bad has happened, WeyHey!

Spent lots of the day chatting to Ange and a lovely sunny park lunch, now I'm rushing off to get a Chinese and try recording the new track - not that there's much of this evening left.

Supposed to be off to Film School to see Chris's new film but I'm too knackered now - shame, hope he's not expecting me to come; Moog just called to tempt me, no way, off home...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nice hols, short but sweet, good to see Sam, Nik & SteveyJ, a nice get together. Big journey this morning so I'm not feeling much healthier than I did yesterday - but much more relaxed. Just waiting for Graham to return with chocolate, boost my flagging brain a bit, could have a ciggy - but ought not too.

Can't wait to get home & cook, eat & maybe make a big pan of cocoa. Might play Black tonight, or just read, Yay!

Normality to resume imminently.

Monday, May 01, 2006

My First Day Of For Two Weeks! relived I felt the need to Capitalise Every Word.

I'm going on a mini holiday, leave for Oxford ASAP (about an hour if I can manage it), long haul four hours of blissful sleep on public transport, then meetup with Sam, Nik and hopefully Cat, Ed - and maybe Anna; you never know. (the sun came out as I typed that, the weather is a hopeless, fickle romantic too apparently)

Then it's picnic time! Or sitting in a pub time if the rain persists...

Yesterday was weird, hard work till about 6 when Dennis (my sortof Ex-Father-in-law) called to say Tammie had thrown him out because they'd argued, he started "mouthing off" at me down the phone about how she'd let some guy... - and so on; not good to revisit what he said in full. Then he asked if he could stay with me for a few days, I told him he could only if he didn't mention that subject to me again and he couldn't find anywhere else to go. I ended up phoning Tammie and finding out that he'd left of his own volition - he's a bigoted stupid fuck sometimes, he'd got my flat keys off her and was coming round. This was a little much under the circumstances so I persuaded her to call him and tell him to go get a hotel room.

My day finally turned when Ange turned up and dragged me off to meet Rob and a coupla their friends for pool, dins and great company. We went to Birds Launch party at the Robin Hood, yay! Bird! but missed Ela's gig, which is a shame - there'll be another :)

That was quite cathartic. Feel almost human again, a whole day in front of me! well, most of a day in front of me.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Here we are again, happy as could be...

Another lunch time, another day of feeling light headed and spaced out. Can't think straight enough to code atm, it'll pass though.

Wrote an ace lyric this morning:

"You know those dreams where feel you're falling, Cut off by the voice of a dead friend calling"

sorta sweet, yet utterly depressing :) ...and a slightly cheap rhyme to boot.

I tried playing "I wanna sing like Kristin Hersh" after thirty minutes of tweaking this new lil'thang and the contrast was too much, it came out all minor and not it's usual bouncy self.

(not that anyone is likely to know what I'm talking about)

I'm supposed to have finished now, 14:02 says my machine; un-surprisingly I'm not finished yet, maybe because I'm finding it almost impossible to think, and maybe because what's left of my mind is definitely elsewhere.

Nice band name "elsewhere". Reminds me of Jober for some inexplicable reason.

Ah, the slow drizzle of dissemination...
The start of day 14, I'm huddled up in a heap, can't think - let alone move.
I have a small heap of fixes to do at work, probably two hours normal time but I'm not in normal time so I'd say about 6. Need to get it done so I can come back and get some sleep before Birds secret business launch and Ela's gig this evening.

I tried to work out how much overtime I've done, don't think I come near Jon's effort over the last fiasco we worked on but it's definitely way more than I ought to have put in. Just did an estimate (though my head isn't working so it's possibly completely wrong) and it's a truely stupid amount of free time "donated" to The Company, a good hefty chunk of the extra pay I get for working as a lead; so basically I've been "fucked in the ass" again, oh surprise.

Shiza, 8.03 have to get moving...

God, I just realised (several months too late) that the version of The Stripper I have here is the crap first take on the vocals, dammit. Nasty levels.

Insomniac tonight, think I took things too far earlier, now I'm just freaked out, need escape for a bit, but where does one find escape? This is oddly the only escape I have.

Got told off by Jon for being (basically) crap, and right he is; for once :)

Dam I'm a mess.