Saturday, April 29, 2006

Worky worky worky worky worky worky...

...Drinky Drinky Work Work.

I wrote a rather different song last night, while slumped in my anaemic, booze soaked, exhausted vertical recovery position hugging me guitara - a little depressing but very Dead Pixels. This morning I tentatively had a play and a sing; I was quite pleasantly surprised.

HG gave me good chocolate yesterday, probably the only thing that fuelled my evening at The Little Artists opening (well, and the free booze for friends and relations :) then through to an odd and very camp party at one of Tam's old friends place. We three appeared to be the only straight ones there - strange evening. I managed an hour of joining in with the drug addled young people, fire works and lots of swinging sparklers about; it was like being in the Hollywood version of Romeo and Juliet but in a back garden with a wood burner. Then I had to make my usual excuse nowadays - "I have to get up at six for work..."

What a life I lead.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ah, that pleasant early morning tired yet refreshed feeling. I had a lovely evening of chatter and a not quite sensible amount of booze yesterday - nice to sit and talk to HelioGirl in person : )

("lovely" & "nice" in the same sentence, yuk.)

Failed to reach the Catalyst or meet Tam & Kat texted a coupla times trying to tempt me into clubbing - but good sense prevailed.

I hope Tam hasn't had too much hassle from her father, it must be very difficult for her. I want to be supportive but it's not really my place beyond being around if she needs me; so I suppose I wasn't being a good friend last night by not meeting her, ow, bugger.

Having a long conversation about chocolate during compile/loading gaps, now very hungry. NotGoth Needs Food Badly!

HG pointed me at Yorokobi! SLAG TEAM circus & I'm impressed, fun musicá.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Went to The Strip launch party at The Nest gallery last night, very impressive for a local free comic, I'm not really interested in comics but some of the art is excellent.

Now I feel beaten up again, not to mention stressed with our stupid workload. Been here 11 days most of them long and difficult and pissed senseless in between and its having a slightly negative effect on my states of mind and body.

Do I go to The Catalyst Club tonight? Damned answer is eluding me. Do I go to the Eddy with the SS team? Again I have no idea...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Argh, good day all in all, told my boss off and got a sort of apology, plus some promises - which he'd broken within a few minutes of the meeting. Didn't smoke till 11, so I can probably give up given the "no pub rule" & got pounced on by strange girls, so much better than things have been.

Tammie's parents are down, she told them she's pregnant tonight and her dad is pretty fucking angry - bound to be I suppose, all a bit of a possible situation.

Oh well, at least I saw a rather Gothy (soz u : ) & very cool picture tonight, I'll try'n'top it with a super-vain pic to match.

Pay rise was "better than average" but considering my workload & responsibility it's a bit of a piss take, surprise. Great.

Time to move to Russia and jump off a bridge me thinks.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Had a Shite Monday, my Two new coders seem pretty nice...

...Speaking of which "the shorter one" undermined me in front of (and infact to) my two new coders twice yesterday, I nearly walked out - rescued by cigarettes (that 5 minutes breathing in hot smoke outside in the "real world" where you regain your objectivity and calm down) so today is going to be a test and a half as I've decided now is the time to give up smoking. He also keeps changing peoples goals and tasks, draining them and disorientating them to the point where they don't want to work any more and can no longer be bothered to work in a way they can take pride in. He picks faults in everything he sees - basically a Bad Manager with the people skills of Ted Bundy locked in a girl's school.

(it is 7:40 in the morning, my allusions to humour are bound to be a little poor...)

Back to another exciting episode of "My life in Hell with some other people"...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Skint and bored, been at work all day - got lots done, all very cool - but it's Sunday, Grrr. Off to see the Inside Man later, which is something to look forward to - then pub for a bit and an invite back to Kat's place to drink Sambuca; which I probably won't manage as I'm totally knackered. Though I'd obviously like to see her and catch up - and I love Sambuca, Monday might be quite hard work though and I'm not sure it's a good combination.

Found out at lunchtime that I'm skint again, wayhey! it's a Rock'n'Roll rollercoaster of fun, frolicks and financial disaster round here.

God! 6:26pm, have to send Graham home, he's only been here 3 weeks and he's worked all weekend for free; some lead I am...
I've just realised its St.George's day, lucky I'm not in the slightest nationalistic or religious or I might have refused to work on my country's patron Saint's day.

My "Chav Obsession" is on the ebb now the "Summertime Goths" are coming out. I get a nasty feeling that before I can really get "into the Goth thang" a very odd and unlikely "WASP Obsession" might take over, mmm. At least its not Scallys, speaking of which there was this girl from Warrington the other night...

To work, with All Speed!

Ah, Sunday, hot, misty, and mostly erring toward the kind of deep ache bad head often associated with Sunday mornings (in the UK anyway).

Speaking of which my German animator compadré Volker described his remembered first impressions of the UK on moving here from the US, something along the lines of:

"people are sarcastic and often plain nasty to you - but only if they like you, those that don't like you are pleasant and restrained; and everyone is always drunk"

...too true, though only in male on male situations I might add.

Now I must bathe the toxins from my blood and "pump iron" in that weedy way in which I'm so proficient. Then drag my battered body, and hopefully some shreds of intellect over to the Office (not the pub) and fix everything ready for Monday and this weeks squad of new starters. (and everything that appeared to be broken when I popped into the Office on my weary and sober-headed way home yesterday.

I feel *so* conscientious : )