Friday, March 10, 2006

Dam, ended up at work till 815 'cause everything died and broke at 530, typical, isn't it always the way with computers - then got a message from "someone very cool" about b-movie tonight; which I can't afford to go to; shame a good hectic dance with a beautiful woman is just what I need right now. Got a whisky instead - next month maybe I'll get there.

Off to sing for a while, try to relax my super stressed head.
I forgot to waffle on about Gogol Bodello - they were great, fab and the rest. (short sweet waffle)
Cat club was ace - I managed to stay sober enough not to heckle, and had a huge argument about "what art is"; great fun.

Been listening to a very scary album of letters like this sent to sun page 3 girls over the years read and sung in appropriate ways, had me in stitches!

Friday night, at last - one more build and I'm done for the week! wayhey! and SteveyJ may be on his way! (at some point) 3 very important meetings of the usually once every six months type this week - I'm knackered, need a bottle of wine and a long sleep...

...then off the Beer Festival tomorrow, yay!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

??, ??, ??!!!

Another Catalyst Club tonight, another chance for me to try to stay sober-ish; No cash and some hefty work to tackle tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Argh, hungover - I ought to do a search on that word in this long, boring tale of bad circumstance - how many documented hangovers I've suffered in the last 18 months, how much damage my blood-brain barrier has suffered, and the exact amount of tax sourced revenue our Beloved & Wonderfully Corrupt Evil Western Government has received as a result of purchasing the ethanol based purveyor of said damage.

Though that would be totally pointless so I won't bother.

I had my first argument about dr*gs for ages last night - damnation, it was only a tiny lump of skunk too, very silly - I seem to remember going into a childish "mardy" (as one would say in Lincolnshire) rant about it - which I now regret, WayHey! its wonderful being an arsehole once in a while. Maybe twice.


Fucking wanky pile of crap machines, worse than - Ah, Fuck its done it again. Fucking crap (I apologise for the swearing and lack of context, its complicated and no doubt covered by my comprehensive and pointless NDA...) - worse still - much worse in fact is the obvious and complete understanding of the basic principle that its all MY FAULT, the machine is simply doing what I tell it, human error is the cold black nugget at the core of my experienced and otherwise rational anger - the Machine is simply a reflection of my own faults; even more so as I'm a software engineer with a pretty complete knowledge of bugs, prevention, cures and of course origins...


Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Sunday morning blog! I was Woken by the beautiful fountain of sunlight filling my room this morning (and I'm therefore in a poncey arsed mood) I have started my spring cleaning - which has been interrupted by the temptation to switch on the machine, this machine in fact, and write about it.

I feel like a character out of an 80's sitcom - there's a pile of stuff on the futon/sofa/settee/stereo affair to give to my ex later today plants everywhere and a general feeling of "single man experiences his mid 30's alone with a taste of mild depression". This would probably be quite amusing from an outside perspective, it certainly is from in here. Thankfully all my negative thoughts and ideas have been wiped clean by a long, deep sleep and the rather unusual "woken by radient sunlight" feeling. (Honest)

Gogol Bodello is playing tonight at Concorde2:
"The Gogol Bordello live experience is a knock down drag out party where all matter of mayhem - on stage & off - is the order of the day. This gypsy-punk cabaret band are possibly one of the most unique & intense live bands touring at the mo. Their music is rich with irreverent, sonic lyrics, accompanied by a unique mix of old world Slavic instrumentation & very new world electro-trash energy. "

I might go along, maybe it'll liven me up a little.

Off to mop the floor, woopee! The excitement of it is almost beyond me.