Friday, March 03, 2006

I have the quandary of health care today - work is offering it to us, but in a typical "we won't help with it" way - so what is the point? I can get my glasses fixed, go to the dentist, get some cash if I get some lovely lady pregnant - lol - but Its still my money even if they pay, being insurance it would take a large payout to cover the initial costs, and they don't do large payouts, just a bit here and there "to help out" as they say. Its also different if you have kids and a partner, then it covers you all. Ahhh...

So - not for me then.

Party time tonight at Sidewinder - so a J2O or two for me. Well, maybe a pint of something.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yay, a Thursday afternoon giggle here, very amusing while still invoking a little of the huge scary depressive original (not Toy Story)

What a beautiful day, in stark contrast to last night which was freezing and caught me on a little drunk/tragic low, which is a shame because it means I can't rant about how good/bad
The New World actually is as I failed to go into the dam cinema, dam mood swings and dam booze. Ended up in the pub with Kat who cheered me up enormously, but only after much effort.

This week has flown by, I can't believe its Thursday, nearly the end of another week and I've hardly started...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

There's some nice stuff here, very nice in fact - makes me want to devote more time to film making (and less to being here working on crap - though that shouldn't last more than a few... months.) I have an excellent view from my office window over Brighton - perfect for some time-lapse - with the shadows sliding over the office blocks & clouds rolling lazily across the sky.

Ah, after all that TV madness, Xbox fun and DVD distraction I spent last night with no wish whatsoever to turn anything on (except various people who weren't there and aren't interested) and wrote another Dead Pixels track instead; it has a certain techno-sexy ring to it I rather like, not sure about anything more than very niche appeal though.

I bought some Infrared Black and White film - promising it would be the last "frivolous" purchase of my skintest month on record (which has already - in only 16 and three quarter hours, been beaten by this month) - now I need some models, determined to photograph beautiful girls in the Weird and Wonderful Light of Infrared Black and White...

Ah, a computer is vying for my attention, suppose I can give it some as I've nearly finished for the day.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Phew! That was close...

Just as I returned from Lunch - which I spent visiting every camera and pawn shop (ok, I corrected that, I would have much rather been visiting porn shops) plus the Komedia and Hop Poles giving each of them my tale of woe, phone number, and camera description; Nik texted me to say he'd found my camera (under a towel) - So I'm relieved, yet *so* embarrassed...

Eating my Korean lunch, think it's reacting badly with my hungover body, I may well explode.

Argh, I'm so pissed off today - had a great weekend with really good old friends visiting, a TV (!?! wow, how unlike me) a good few nights out - BUT I lost my camera, argh!!! Fuck!!!

I've tried the normal avenues, police, taxi, pub to no avail - got to try the Komedia next but that's a last resort as my dear sober friend Tim remembers me still in possession of my little green camera bag after we left - oh Bugger.

That aside (not an easy as I'm very attached to my camera, not to mention it actually belongs to my mother and is quite special... fuck...) work is getting even more crap - I seem to be the fall guy for all the shite coding tasks no one else can/wants to do & it's not my scene at all.

Its amazing how quickly your day can change from being fantastic, comfortable - happy even, to totally depressive shite...

(grinds teeth lots)

Had fun on my new guitar though, thanks Sadie.