Friday, February 24, 2006

Had a "fun" day working up in London yesterday, I really hate the place - big rats nest, it snowed then sleeted (if there is such a term) and was generally cold and nasty. I did spend most of the morning in a small overly hot office exploring RS232 intricacies in hex, so the weather wasn't really a problem - its just so depressing, not surprising everyone looks so pale and sad.

A very good friend has come down to visit so I got to do the whole cooking/guest thing then went to the Catalyst club and got trashed - apparently, I don't really remember much - that last absynth in the St James afterward is the one small island of memory I managed to retain; glad I've (generally) cut down on the booze, that's the first time I've blacked out for (reads back through blog pages...) ah, at least a week.

I'm selling out to the awful western mind control crap and buying a TV, its probably a mistake but I started on fun downward path so I may as well follow it for a while, see where it goes...

Speaking of which I seem to have become rather commercially active of late, considering my rather negative financial position this isn't really a good thing - I bought a new guitar when I got back from London yesterday, blue sunburst (wanted a black one, black, black, black!) but allowed my self a "colour concession". Spose I'll have to dye my hair Blue now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

lol, something for lunch...

Actually lunch was a rather lovely pint of strong (7% yum) organic cider in the Earth and Stars. It hasn't had quite the overly warming effect I was hoping for but it should dull the tedious task of the afternoon into a bearable glow - esp with the added musical mayhem I'm planning to introduce to my auditory canals in a few moments...
Peter pointed out this rather amusing label:

cute bit of subliminal advertising.

I gave into wine last night, all my plans to tidy up and start writing a physics thang went to pot (literally) and the evening was spent playing my new silly sexy song over and over in a trance like state for 4 hours while the wine and weed soaked through my consciousness and my brain dribbled out of my left ear. Its improved though, tweaked the words more than I'd usually bother and re-worked the chorus quite a bit - maybe a little too amusing now, it was supposed to be serious...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Went to see Walk the Line last night, the best movie of the year so far I'd say, most excellent.

On a more negative note I had a 40 minute wait in Barclays Bank yesterday just to be told to come back this morning - and this morning I had another 30 minute wait while several people skipped the queue, Bastards! Barclays are truly a load of Barclays Bank.

(Though they have lent me some cash, so I shouldn't complain too much...)

Scanner Darkly is shaping up nicely, got rid of all that live action - much better. Quite looking forward to it in fact.

I've started a home project at last - after about eight months of stoically drinking my free time away I've broken my tedious depressive writers block by writing a Yoga Timer for my phone - it's also helped my Yoga regime somewhat, Hurrah! The new project avec monsieur Brady promises to be interesting and deviant, Yum.