Thursday, February 16, 2006

Went to see Beth Orton last night, she was ace - made even more so because she was very late (and hence my bread burnt, but it was worth sacrificing today's lunch for) so she apologised profusely (and very cutely), then extended the set with a load of requests from us, her beloved audience. nice.

Two friends so far have let me know what wonderful unexpected Valentine shags they had from young strangers - quite glad I didn't get involved (Ho-Hum...) and had a nice meal for one and a few mugs of cocoa.

Been sober since Sunday and smoked no cigarettes, feel healthy but maybe a little... bored? maybe not actually... Off to the cinema to watch Lady Vengeance tonight and I'm rather looking forward to going home to bed afterward. How strange.

Bought a thin paperback entitled "Nuclear Paranoia", bit of childhood nostalgia for those long February evenings.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Still Depressing, only Sunny and Depressing. Well, it is *very* nice weather - a great thing about living down here is the changeable weather, only an hour ago is was dark and raining, now its a Summer Extravaganza; I have my camera here so I can engage in photographic philanthropy, or at least photographic voyeurism - but by then the weather may well have read my blog, and decided for the gothic dark rain and thunder option for its lunchtime wander.

All craving and cold turkey today, no fags or beer last night (or wine, or anything alcoholic in fact) and now I'm all pent up and angry - supposed to be going to:

...tonight as a way to not feel like a lonely g*t on valentines day, via pain in the ears I would imagine, unfortunately this may damage my resolve not to drink & smoke so I may just go home and cook for one.

Monday, February 13, 2006

B-Movie was great, danced and had plenty of fun - took the mysterious 4am train back to Brighton, but it was worth it to hang around with friends for an evening. Caught up with an old friend from Pocket (shitty) Studios, turns out the company had £46000 - enough to pay us all our owed wages when it went into receivership, but all that cash has somehow been misplaced; there are things about our legal system which make me very angry...

Been told off for inferring that Ta**ie is responsible for my A**a situation (or lack of one) - so, sorry, it's all *my* fault... not even sending any Valentines, I really want to but it would probably scare away the intended recipient - though I may change my mind, a few hours left to order on Interflora - unfortunately the absence of an address may be a handicap.

What a truly depressing time of year.