Friday, February 10, 2006

B-Movie is tonights delight, an evening of friends and booze - maybe a little boogie or two. Kings Cross, the Cool Goth place to be, honest :)

With luck we'll get weather like todays all weekend, and then rain all week to aid in the drought situation...

Work is so dull, theres challenge then I find out the challenge is a red herring and the answer is just dull. Ow.

Lady Vengeance is comming, whoopee!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finally renewed my driving licence, so hopefully whoever nicked my wallet will get caught and crucified; not very likely, but you never know.

The day has been lovely, sun and a deep blue sky with the occasional nice smatterings of fluffy white Psygnosis clouds, and topped off with a few handfulls of Wasabi Peas.

The springtime feelings are evident in the streets, soon there will be a blosoming of flesh - which will probably be quite unbearable...

(maybe not)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ah, the lovely corpselike feeling of hung-over Tuesday morning. Dribbling along like an old hatter on a Zimmer frame, bottle of mercury in hand, lopsided gaping cakehole vomiting an expression of utter contempt at the world in general. My stomach is sore and twisted with whatever vile beer I was drinking, and my lungs are excreting the putrid purified juice of Silk Cut Silver into the back of my throat, both reminding me of my addiction and tempting me to smoke more - which I Will Not!

Kat bought me a pint last night, very nice of her & good to see her with money - & spending it on me. I had a nice hour or so of company then we both simultaneously failed to persuade each other to accompany one another back to our respective homes. Its tempting to try a repeat performance this evening but if I try another drunken, smoking evening of frolics I won't last the week; & I have to goto B-Movie on Friday in the possibly vain hope that Anna will come along and brighten up my life for a short while.

Mmmm, Branch if Less Than sandwich, Yum.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I enjoyed one of the best "girls being rude in a pub" sessions I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in on last night. Being a full blooded drunkard it was especially rewarding, the conversation drifted lightly from piercing - ears... brows... tongues... bellies... labia...

...and got bought dinner too, though I drank more red wine than I ate food.

I totally failed in my evil plans to steal Anna's heart and carry her over one shoulder back to my Brighton den, and only succeeded in charming her slightly before mentioning my (imaginative, humorous and fictional) plans to move into the trashy 16mm porn industry at which point she ran away.

I have no luck with her, 48 hours in Oxford and I only managed to see her for one, even that was held up by a series of unlikely events - the last of which was when we were a coupla hundered yards apart and several hundred motorbikes appeared at the top of Broad Street and filed between us for a good five minutes, my life is becoming quite surreal.