Friday, January 13, 2006

Here is the finished product of our Film School course, very studenty but I quite pleased with the end result, think Charlatan Productions has a bright future - picking up my Chrimbo Pressie tomorrow, nice new Russian 16mm movie camera - now I need some cheap film stock to practise with...

Must remember if I bump into Bird in the street not to mention how drunk I got last night, or how much fun I had being a pissed off depressive twat loudly and consistently in the general direction of my friends, while otherwise having a good bohemian time at the catalyst club. Not that its very likely, its an occasional pleasure, not a common event, that bumping into thang.

Speaking of the fairer sex I'm becoming rather "fond of" some one I shouldn't - though she's no Anna replacement, or Sam or even Tammie not to mention she's blatantly not interested and attached to a boyf. I think its her school teacher like reputation that does it. and the little specs too. mmm.

Off to see Wonky Beak tonight upstairs at Polar Central, with Moog (Director of the above short movie) on trumpet; Wonky music for Wonkey People for a Fun Filled evening of Friday night Frolics...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Went to see Brokeback Mountain - its very good, also good to see how popular it is though down here in Brighton I suppose thats not surprising.

Also managed to eat out twice yesterday, naughty and expensive, a lovely pub lunch at the Druids on Ditchling Rd followed by Tapas, then back to the Druids via a number 5 bus - which I drunkenly mistook for a Kemptown service, whoops. A late drink and a wander home in the rain was rather pleasant.

Now looking forward to lunch for half price at yo-sushi, nice!