Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bored, so bored. I've nearly cut my smoking to nil, and as a consequence have eaten more over the last few days than over the whole Christmas period. Dam, don't wanna be fat, wanna be thin & sexy - or thin at any rate. Just not fat. Speaking of which I'm currently eating my number one nicotine replacement - raw chocolate (cacao nibs) mmmm, bitter yet sumptuous beyond their small dried up appearance.

Work is eating my soul, the only answer I have found (not including moving/changing/jumping from my 8th floor office window) is to blank it, not think about how I'm wasted & could be replaced with a trained monkey, and I could be wasted somewhere else, an opium den perhaps.

The seagulls are wheeling outside again, the pigeons too, freedom, I think I've been eating from the left hand or at least it feels that way.

Argh! god I hate my job, it should be so good but I'm forced to do shite for the powers that be while listening to people procrastinate about rubbish rather than getting on with their jobs, continuous shite. Argh! ok, the nicotine craving is kicking in - maybe I'm over reacting.... GRrrrrrr....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What a great Christmas, my family all got on - for the first time as far as I remember. We had snow and turkey, booze and TV, all the prerequisites. I got to see my good friends Tim and Mike up in darkest dingiest, snow bound Lincolnshire, plus a few peeps I haven't seen for years, and then got to spend a coupla days in oxford too, wayhey! Little Miss Bam and the Evil Cat, coolio! Managed to rekindle my infatuation with miss Anna NK, wow she's so beautiful I could just gaze at her adorable visage all day. ah... beautiful, brilliant and miles away. (sob)

Finished my hols off by locking myself out of my flat last night, everyone was either out, working or not answering their phones so I ended up getting a hotel room - prob shoulda slept on the beach.

Nearly time to fall to sleep on my keyboard, work is hard today - cant actually do anything due to "technical difficulties" beyond my control, on top of only a very few hours sleep, a hangover, multiple bruises and lacerated arms from multi-womanly attention (in a plutonic drunken way - innocent yet painful...) I often seem to end up bringing out the violent side in young ladies...