Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today is a rambling day, trying to prepare myself for a long trudge across the downs, Tuacca is interfering with my balance and I still have no milk. I'm sure it'll be fun though. Ah, I kinda regret smashing this keyboard so hard on Friday night, the desk is now all bent up and it slips off. Amazing how stupid one becomes when drunk.

Met Hilary's baby yesterday, he's beautiful. Might go see Tam's later on when I've walked off this massive depression; I want to be with it and happy the first time I see her.


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Blogger Gabs said...

Had a lovely day, walked for miles through beautiful countryside, ran up and down the sides of devils dyke (and survived) met Chris & Yasmin's ferrets then watched Casino Royal, which was brilliant (if unnecessarily soppy toward the end, the beach scene was a bit much...)

Back to work tomorrow, it will be... a change.

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