Friday, December 09, 2005

Fucking Dead Apple

Bang goes Friday.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Party fun was had, Belly dancer danced Devil like in the alcoholic haze, wine was drunk and cleavage photographed (accidentally), the evening was plied heavily with north African fair, cushions and cocktails, dissemination of hookah smoke and flagellation of the sensory organs.

Now, as the light fades and an evening of work and editing stretches ahead of me like a prolapsed chicken, the bloody marys for lunch churning my twisting intestines, the thought of staying conscious for more than an hour is akin to a sharp stick in the eye.

must stop smoking...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Brady and I have had a plethora of dodgyness today, I thought I'd post some titbits here...

Game Titles:

raunchy Rebecca the robotic rebel (rides her way to the top)

salubrious sandy and her scintillating gaskets and diodes of pleasure

necrophillc Nelly the nimble nightwalker - rebooting the dead for kicks...

silicone sluts with slots


squeaky su seeks suitable sockets for screw (Phillips head required)

Tender tin Tina, tantalises and teases using her terse titties, and triangular trap for timeless tonguing

Buxom battery betty, big, bouncy and brings beautiful boulderous breasts to bare


Alison finds anal attractive,
partially because her arse is radioactive,
she bends down and touches her little steel toes,
when you're done don't be surprised at the luminous glow,
as your member become less and less active.

Voluminous veronica!, vehicular and vulgar, values her vast Victorian vulva, needs a vintage van just to please her...

Audrey the android from crawly,
felt most awfully poorly,
she inserted a mongrel,
instead of her dongle,
it emerged really quite sorely

salty sally from Scilly
complained of her condition most bitterly
her vivacious vagina,

could reach right behind her ,
as she shat on some guy from Italy

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Saw Where the truth Lies last night, very good & worth a look.

Drank rather alot though, now I feel that "still a bit drunk - haven't hit the hangover yet - sweating sweet ethanol - smoked too many cigarettes - can't concentrate..." um, thang.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Welcome to another week of Hell, the interactive show aimed at three to sixty five year olds world wide.

Today we have many delights in store - the usual mix of adultery, lies and sado masochistic human behaviour plus a special on painful life changing events (25% off, one per house hold per day this week only)

What's this? Argh! No, Please...

A pasty and a free take away cup of Miso Soup. Yum.