Friday, December 02, 2005

Fun Fun Fun, in a cold cloudy country. At this late point in my exploration of blogging I'd like to point out this is actually a Diary, not a Blog. I don't like the internet (well, there are a few specialist sites I've been fond of...) and don't have any reason to log interesting things I see on it - 'cause there aren't any, not worthy of writing an article about - an article which must be subject to the same standard of criticism as the page being referenced...

So, who wants to get pissed tonight? I need a drink. And nicotine. And (other stuff deleted due to expletive adult content not in keeping with this children's playground formally know as the "Internet", a playground so filled with adverts and drivel I can't believe even kids are interested in it any more) which would relieve a certain level of frustration while providing a fun, zesty, exercise laden mild endorphin intoxication.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ra, go see:

Andy G's site, and wonder at his loverly pics :)

then go out and buy:


Then get pissed and goto school.

Wayhey, I feel like a teenager, all I need is a better mobile, a chavette and a double push chair.

...and maybe a lobotomy, but that should be easy.

speaking of which its pub time! then off to school to learn about Editing. innit. random.

(haven't quite got the hang of that...)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I finally got to start using avid last night, god its a pile of shite. the interface is as un-intuitive as the Minoan labyrinth, as clunky as a 1970's betamax top-loader (I could go on...)

Suppose one must learn this pap in order to jump industries, I'd rather use a Steinbeck with nail scissors and blue tack though.

Speaking of which, another hurdle is growing in the form of company stability; the plan was to leap rat like from the dying carcass of the next games firm I work for, landing squarely on the poop deck of the independent movie industry - but work seems to be healthier than ever before, we need 17 coders! 17! what are they going to do? where are they going to go? I can't tell if my career is becoming a sturdy pair of concrete boots or a smooth warm comfy silver lining...
time to work...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ah! the lunchtime commeth!

Ah, the lunchtime goeth away...

Spent Friday in London doing the Lunch Club at Hush - had a little talk by Val Guest, v.amusing. Got pissed at BAFTA again, and ended up at slimelight (the friday version, so, ok, not actually slimelight, but the closest thing to it on a Friday night)

...left early with my m8 Lee, he trundled off and I ran for the tube - experienced a bit of modern horror as the tube system shut down around me and ended up stuck at Kings Cross - from there I managed to reach Gatwick, where I had to sleep untill a train finally left going south at about 545am - Hell, a hangover & sobering up in Gatwick overnight; all the "soft" benches taken by peeps waiting for their early flights to take 'em on holiday, I "slept" on a metal bench in the smokers bit - having just given up 4 days previously that was rather annoying...

The train stopped (terminated) at Haywards Heath - about half way home, and I got on the "replacement bus service", I knew I was dammed so just laughed my sickest laugh when the driver admitted he was lost, 20 mins later we turned around to go back there and get fresh directions...

I got home about 745am, ~8hours travelling ~50miles. cheap though - if you ignore all the Costa coffee, and revolting fish shite from MaccyDs.

Also managed to keep an uncorked bottle of red in my coat pocket from the club, well breathed and tasty - drank it last night...