Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well here I am, sober and smoking silk cut ultra. Saving money (and Kidneys/Liver/Blood Brain Barrier) over the last coupla days, 8 1/2 bottles of Spanish red at home still untouched.

Had to resist peers giving much pressure last night - managed it though with the excess consumption of pineapple juice and addition of the roast pork chefs special from New Hong Kong, hard work...

Tried to sort out Tammie's £700 gas bill for her, but failed - not even going to go into it further than that for fear of becoming immensely wound up. (that was for two months gas, I'm sure - they read the wrong meter - ARGH!)

Sobriety has its plusses, I'm hungry - haven't been hungry for months, at least not salivary hungry, just need to eat hungry. Spose dropping my nicotine input to a 20th over two days is going to help with the Hunger thang.

I'm a little disappointed (Ho Hum, V.disappointed) that I can't go to the Catalyst Club tonight, two friends are doing talks, Ben is "doing" Howard Phillips Lovecraft & Cthulu Mythos and Alan is talking about his time spent as a sailor trying in vain to save the whale, darn its gonna be good. Ben did a run through for me last night (I was tech support, helping him prepare his media for the talk) but I doubt I'll get to hear Alan's, maybe I'll grab a script off him.

Back to the Moon in Portugal, one hard to debug language Darnit...

Shooting in Worthing this weekend, will try to Blog it all out - should be fun...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pickle me in...

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From: Gabriel Lee
Sent: 08 November 2005 11:40
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Subject: Pickle me in...

I hurt. Drank too much. Too many times. Boss told me "you stink of booze
Gabriel, have you been drinking?" when I got into work this morning - I
bathed and changed, cleaned and preened, need a change of blood dammit.

Chucked up a coupla pints of red wine last night which is probably the
only reason I'm actually in work today - what fun. Haven't done that for
a while...

It's the culmination of a "good" "weekend" - there was a company party
for Play3 release, nice Sony free bar, Old friend (fiend) Brady came
down from the Pool with a pal and helped to drown the Sony Gold Card,
drank all night, pub lunch, Lewis bonfire festy on Sat - which was most
excellent, steveyj popped up, drank all night, made a video for Peaches
"Fuck the Pain Away" using footage of thingy von tease from the Sony 10
year bash - wow, seriously good combination, drank more, slept for a
bit, pub lunch, pre steveyj b'day drinks, got friendly with a pretty
young lady and vice versa, met ex-wife and visited the late bar at the
hop poles, **work**, pub, Lady Sovereign (more excellent entertainment,
v.v.good - with a live band too; nice :) dope, larger, wine, realised I
hadn't eaten for 36 hours and threw up. Cor, now quite tired...