Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So much has happened over the last week and a half, its all been quite an interesting little adventure.The suit buying didn't happen, I dressed in my old Versace suit jacket, black shirt and gold cuffs, looked pretty dapper me thinks.

Had a good "film lunch" and a talk by one of the producers who worked on the new Wallace and Gromit movie, followed by great drunkenness at the Bafta bar. I got a few minutes of interesting footage and put it down with Cabron (an old techno track I wrote in the distant past) - rather fun all in all.

Spent the rest of the weekend with Raphs and Moto, the only members of family who actually feel like they are atm, drank myself silly and had the "luxury" of sleeping in my suit for 2 nights. Its a strange beast, my family, what with the art, wine, screaming murderous mother and now Tammie's estrangement - good to have a bother I can still relate to.

Work was a strong contrast with all this, I'm working for another branch of the company, up in Sheffield, however, even though they try really hard to be helpful its defeated by illness and general lack of information about the project, I have no code only xml/lua stubs into it which for an old coder is pretty bloody irritating; and they aren't even listed let alone documented - I had to use a Hex editor to search the object files for ones I needed and guess the syntax, Argh.

It'll be ok though, when I get up to speed it might even be enjoyable. And its better than being laid off until there's more work I suppose...

I got offered a ticket to the Sony 10th anniversary party - which sounds like it was pretty special, unfortunately a certain guy name Archer put a spanner in the works by not letting the ticket goto a member of another company, stupid prick, that was compounded when I found out most of them didn't go anyway, I suppose at least he got his employees tickets, unlike certain other organisations with extremely strong links with Sony. Next time...

Halloween was fun, I zipped quickly (5 hours) over to Kidlington near Oxford and had a fun night with some old friends, SteveyJ was in attendance drinking Vodka like a fish, not that fish drink Vodka, an making himself ill, and Anna- a girl I've still got a massive crush on turned up dressed and madeup to look devastating - so good in fact I found myself unable to talk to her, I had to text her on Sunday instead - whoops. Thanks to Sam for a lovely party : )

Yesterday was the great office move, the new offices are very nice, 8th and 9th floor overlooking most of Brighton and the seafront, right by the north lanes. They lack the character of the old office but I'm sure they'll make up for it in other ways. I bought a new jacket from the new (and overpriced) army surplus shop in the aforementioned north lanes and spent most of the day shopping & drinking, there was no internet which at the moment means I can't work - did lots of unpacking though.

The evening ended with my guts going nuts - haven't eaten much since last week (hardly anything in fact) and drank quite allot so I had to phone in sick - only just got up in fact; must eat, going to have to be very strict with myself or end up regretting it.

I have to decide whether to go to film school tonight - I feel guilty after having a day off work, but there wasn't really any choice, now I feel ok (full of food I stuffed this morning in between "being ill" - Salmon en Croute with chilli fried cabbage, yum : ) I feel equally bad about going to school, darnit, work ethic gets on my nerves.

The Tammie situation has calmed down, Kats been quite supportive, and apart from a mood of general gloom and sadness (with the occasional spikes, argh) things have been ok. Moaned at poor old Toby (brill artist I work with) for hours last night which was needed but painful. He's trying to persuade me to move out of the flat as its getting hard living here - but I still love the place & would rather put up with a bit of depression and the occasional suicidal tendencies for a few months and stay than move to some gloomy Brighton flat...

Ah, well time for my first Ciggy of the day - being ill is *so* healthy!