Friday, October 14, 2005

Well poncey: Me and my past exploits in the "fun till they stab you in the back, at least no one got pregnant or dead" arena...

(could be worse, at least I have a life and don't rely on a half arsed attempt at being a musician to provide any future prospects, though I am proving myself to be bitter as cyanide....)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Had a wicked time at Audio last night, I've come to the conclusion that the enjoyment of a club is only related to the mixture of stimulants/depressants one consumes before going - the club itself, and especially the music only amplify this base level of sobriety - or lack of it.

Enough of that drivel, 20 minutes and I'm off to Lik's to stuff my face with good food; well fried breakfast, probably meaty and accompanied by strong sweet tea...

(That was *so* upbeat - I was going to go on about how empty the flat looks without Tammie's pics on the walls (and so on...) but - Hurray! - I managed to be happy instead, must be the bouncy castle of manic depression once more elevating my mood artificially...)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A week with no blogs, not that this past week hasnt had its bloggable moments, Tammie packing, new tunes, new video, Nightwatch at the Duke of Yorks (excellent!) followed by 5 bottles of red between 3 drunks in the bar (Tammie, Ben and I that is), nearly got kicked out me thinks - though Ben went in today to apologise and thinks its all ok. A good blackout by all 3 of us, Ben slept in a graveyard before coming back for Malkovitch, They Live and more wine, Tam and I screamed and got violent - don't know what happened to us while Ben was sleeping but we ended up with wine, fags, munchies and Guinness...

God I hate coding, on other hand I love it - but at the moment its the most irritatng, boring, pointless drivel of an excuse for hours of pain and misery. Unfortunately I'm skint so there isnt much point thinking about not doing it anymore. Ra!