Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wow, I've just had a tiny piece of parental behaviour mystery put to rest, something that's never quite struck me in the same light, twenty five years, no actually probably thirty (owch) thinking the reason my mother has sugar in her tea in the morning (and only in the morning) was because she thought it was a nice wake up, pick me up sorta thing to do - I have inadvertently started to do the same thing, because its very good for a really shitty everymorning hangover, fits perfectly, I thought she was being sweet but it was just another alcoholics stumbling around in the dark trying to keep things together so they could stay pissed for as long as possible everyday without being locked up or ending up homeless. Wow. Maybe my behaviours genetic...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ok, so I'm still here - darn indecision, just received my 4th Toucan sales call this week - normally I'd be at work, if they weren't all so Indian and cute sounding I'd be really *immensely* pissed off. But, having the most non-travel related holiday in my wearisome history its almost pleasant to talk to some one from another continent.

I think I've alienated one of my oldest friends by not managing to get off my bony arse and travel up to see him; just wish I could give him fifty quid travel expenses to drag him down here, he'd love it. Normally I'd consider this lazy beyond laziness, apathetic beyond compare - *FUCK* just got interrupted mid flow by another call - this time T(fuckface)mobile, a very polite Indian gentleman, that's the third mobile I've been offered this week. Can't they all just go and fuck themselves?

Tempted to unplug the phone, but I might miss that all important call from Ben about going round to his to drink Absynth, Argh!

Now this is just silly, surely if I wanted to change my phone I'd go and change my phone? mines shit, old, slow and embarrassing to use; an NGage which I was given when working third party for Nokia, not sold by some stranger on a Friday evening when I couldn't care less about getting another stupid carcinogenic accessory on which to receive even more sales calls and texts promoting porn sites...

Plus I put the wrong version of The Stripper up earlier and can't seem to get enough enthusiasm up to change it.

Well, I think now is a good time to have a beer and think about the sad state of the global economy...

OK, I'll try again, to quote:

Hello, and sorry for this highly personal impersonal email, just wanted to get some feedback on the first two Dead Pixels songs (first pass versions) - I know this might be particularly surprising for those of you who are actually *in* The Dead Pixels...

They are:

The Stripper



as you can see I'm abusing Tammie's web space as much as possible, but hey ho, she'll never know...


Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've decided to "Do Rap" - however only with a voice disguiser...

--Link Removed--

(the levels were all wrong, bugger it, mixing drunk & stoned...)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ah, Holidays. Spent the morning thinking about going somewhere, Oxford/Lincoln/Liverpool/Milton Keynes (the last one would pay back *many* visits from Nik, MK being a truly dire place. Though Lincoln isn't exactly a nice prospect either...) but must await the great SteveyJ's decision on his travelling plans, gotta avoid the inevitable cross over situation of us visiting each other at the same time. Be nice to see some Oxford Peeps, Jober & Sam - and anyone else who's still talking to me. Need more time off to fit it in though.

The only person who's actually cajoling me to visit is Tim, so it may have to be Lincoln after all, I can have fun offending the locals with my bright red quiff.

No Alcohol or Cigs since Sunday, and I'm still sane. feel a little bit on edge though, like I could flip any minute - its quite a nice feeling actually...