Thursday, September 08, 2005

Holiday Blog, WayHey!

Been outta the office for 6 days - haven't managed to leave Brighton yet - or the flat for the last three days (beyond the pub that is : ) but its good all the same. getting on ok with Tammie, Nik helped lots (Thanks Nik!) by playing alcoholic friend and confidante, crossed with angry marriage councillor.

Its all very strange, esp. since Tammie is now a full time student again after all these years, massive life changes for all of us.

Gotta record musak today, "The Stripper!" is up first - got all those stupid niggly PC/MAC problems to overcome before I can actually record anything; hey ho.

Bloody online shopping is CRAP. I ordered an external thing USB whatsit yesterday; all in stock and fine - get an email an hour later:

The following goods ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK and have been placed on back order. They will be despatched as soon as possible:

Part Description Qty.
A80CC USB Digital Sound Bx 1

Fuckers! I need it Today!