Friday, September 02, 2005

So tired today, didn't get enough sleep.

Stayed up late and watched The Machinist which was very good, put up with Tammie's sarcasm and general insensitivity and managed to have a pleasant night.

I'm getting quite annoyed with her though, it's not easy as it is - having everything I say either misunderstood or thrown back with a sneer is wearing me down. I wish she'd done this months ago, as it is she's just turning everything I live for into shit; some kind of jealous defensive thing going on - just makes her look petty, spoilt and rather stupid.

Anyway, enough of that, back to my Deadline Beating Frenzy...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Phew! finished, 1015 and no overtime, grrrrr...

Fuck, still at work, Argh!

Bloody Silly Job Syndrome...

Pixies gig was excellent, we had to rush as work overran (as per usual) but got to Ally Pally about 40 minutes before they came on which was a great relief. Met Nik and Tammie which was a bit uncomfortable what with the situation but it soon smoothed out with a few beers, wandered up there - its such a cool building, I was born just down the road in Hornsey so the evening was permeated with a golden nostalgia.

Think there were about 6-7 thousand there, it was sold out and the capacity is ~7800, a fantastic atmosphere, everyone singing along and jumping around. The journey back was surprisingly good too, tubes were fine.

Got a train at Victoria at eight minutes past midnight and had some take out from a pub in wood green, met a couple more bods in the train station who'd been to see Dinosaur Junior, got very drunk and freaked out some pretty foreigner who we sat with. All in all good; especially as we dragged Nik back to Brighton with us for a coupla days, Hurrah!

Mutilating those Waves...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Off to see the Pixies tonight, Rada Rada! Also to meet the wayward Wife who has been out of my way since Saturday morning, which is "well scary".

This week has been pretty odd so far, I've been feeling much better and only annoying everyone by going on about relationship matters quite allot rather than constantly.

My boozing has continued to permeate everything - DeadLine for the current project is Friday but it's been hard as I spend most of my time sober and depressed - hence unable to concentrate on something as prosaic as coding, or pissed and... unable to concentrate on anything but the bar and surrounding female influences.

Was here until 9.30 last night chasing around other peoples stupidly OTT C++ and their inability to actually document *anything* whatsoever to implement something I could've written in half a day if there wasn't a class interdependency more complex and redundant than a global marketing strategy running on an AS400.

So Ere I am, J.H.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Ra! another post from work on a public holiday, darnit. Had a crap Bank Holiday, a depressed wreck for Saturday, Sunday recovering with much companionship from Ben (watch The Limey among other stirring movies, V.Good) now Monday back at work - its swealtering outside, cloudless sky all weekend - Fuck it, I'm going to the pub.