Thursday, July 28, 2005

Suicide Girls...

...On tonight at the Engine Rooms - darnit, I wanna go. But I don't think I should - Tammie's feeling ill and everyone else is busy "doing things" - not to mention I ordered my glasses today, won't be ready till tomorrow & promised myself next time I saw those beautiful pierced & tattooed nymphets I'd have decent eyesight. Bugger. Oh well, they'll have to get along without me. Gotta cut & dye my hair ready for Prague on Saturday - probably a better idea.
(Big Sigh.)


Just a note - watched Twin Town again tonight, Class.
Sexy Beast again last night - wow - Class with Fucked up shite and Dead Cool Beats.
Ni Ce.
Wow, Post 100!

So, here's a special super duper post of Demonic Delicious Delirium...

First off, the new Queen Adreena album, what can I say - beyond, I'm blown away.

Secondly - Hi Mr Ben John if you're out there (and Hi Nik & Amanda while I'm Hi-ing) and " 'av a laugh @this me cuddly boogleBunnies"

Ah, That was fun. And I'm chewing a plectrum btw, notice Sex God Pete Fucking around with my shite old kit - nice hat Mr P - got really annoyed with the photographer that night, irritating Fucker - a whole Life Away...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back at work, what fun. Lost the use of my left ear sometime Sunday, its odd being at work feeling so deaf and coldy. Better than I was though - and I've lots to do before Thursday - when I have HOLIDAY! the grail - well, ok, maybe not *the* grail but a rarity, 5 days off in a row - cor, the extravagance! If I can just get my brain working today things should be ok till next week. *If*.

Dam loada Play3 stuff to do too, though I'm not officially on it so not gonna try to go out of my way (ie work L8) on it, worked plenty of evenings lately, what with the flu and deadlines I'm in no mood to play along... Silly buggers, planning on games projects always fucks up; don't know how they can be so crap! (well, I have an idea - but this is not the place for that)

Beat the first single player level of
LSN last night on elite, I did it some time ago on the freebee but don't remember it being so hard, kill those mech buggers!

ah, well, back to code and code, and more code. and snot :)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well hello from ill land, that magic place which always reminds me of Christmas. Had a manic 3 days totally filled with flu and painkillers, a little vodka here and there - probably the healthiest & illest I've been all year. Saw Dylan Moran's Dublin show on Friday through a haze of germs, very cool - unfortunately Ben lost the DVD on his way home early Saturday morning - he was quite drunk.need to slink off and have a hot Eucalyptus bath now, the germs hit my lungs last night and I'm feeling rather frail...