Friday, July 08, 2005

What a shite day yesterday was - my sympathy goes out to everyone in central London. Cancelled our hotel room for tonight in kings cross as they needed it for people stuck there - I doubt B-Movie`ll be on anyway; not sure of the situation now but they were digging people out and ferrying the injured till the early hours so its not a good place to go out clubbing. Lotsa frantic mobile calls to my brother, all very stressful, work doesn't help - most people here don't seem to have any empathy whatsoever, don't know whats wrong with them.

This morning I'm experiencing designer anger, bloody designers are just spoilt brats, you write systems for them to use and all they do is moan they want more while not using what's already there "its broken", "it doesn't work","oh, but that means I've got to do some work" etc, god IT FU**ING WINDS ME UP! anyway, happy happy, joy joy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Saw NIN live at Brixton yesterday, apparently the tickets were v.rare, we got ours through a friend of a friend of a friend, so we were lucky to get to see them, an excellent set - lushus & loud. mr R has put on rather allot of muscle and his ego seems to have expanded (if thats possible) too. They played for two hours straight, right through till chuckingout time - no silly breaks and encores. Best bit was head like a hole, funniest was the guitarist pogoing into the drum kit and demolising it and an amp or two mid song : )

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

finally watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead last night - surprisingly good as a modern movie, but lacking in many ways - the humour element so important in a zombie movie is practically nonexistent, the effects are very good though a little over CGI in places. Racing the buses through the streets provided a good Hollywood climax but was extremely clich├ęd and pushed the whole story into the realms of unbelievable testosterone fiction. that diffused any fright factor just leaving the stock shock factor which isn't really enough; more gritty, down to earth horror would've saved it from this rather major failing. I must point out that I'd usually have no criticism whatsoever for this movie, I loved every minute of it, but as I'm currently studying the genre I have to take it as a Romero remake - hence the criticism.
best bit is the end credits, that was actually quite scary : )

Monday, July 04, 2005

Tired today after a good weekend...

I've got another 2 pages or so of my zombie talk down in essay form ready to bulletise and practise, had plenty of sleep, nice, and less booze than usual, hurrah! practised plenty of music without the normal blistered fingers, repotted most of the remaining plants including two avacados & my trusty fern and got midi sound working in blob boy. all good :)

Went to see UnderTow last night, nice movie (nasty really) backward american brother killing rednecks, good stuff - rather an open ending, sort of anyway, but nicly done so i`ll forgive it.

Wanted to go see War of the Worlds, but no ones up for it, seems too much of a sociable movie to go see on my own...