Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Drunk Wife

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cool - in fact bloody freezing judging by those nipples, show me more : )

best thing is newark is an anagram for wanker - could be a whole new site

had a really dodgy night 2night, tam fell over pissed and smashed her nose and chin in the middle of the street (had to drag her outta the way of cars), kinda amusing in a tam way (ie she thinks its very funny) but v.bad when you have to taxi her home and she decides she wants to goto a bloody gay club half way back and you (me : ) have to argue her bloody faced annoying fucked self round to the fact she has work at 9.15 and a bruised face so clubbing is a BAD idea. tonight has been *very* difficult.

she now saying she sorry lots - argh.

l8r, g. (avec grande mirde - et bad spelling)