Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sin City... booked, wayhey! A box for three and a complimentary bottle of red all for - tonight! Ah, should be good. Zombie stuff now getting "overdue" gonna write a rough overview in a min which will hopefully spur me on to getting it done. Speaking of which there's the dilemma of movies or movie making this weekend, zombie shoot in oxford or Dawn of the dead Friday night and rubber johnny/paradise lost on sat, both l8 showings. Plus an offer of paintball on sat, though I'll prob give that a miss anyway (stick in the mud that I appear to be)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Impromptu Wedding

Fab weekend, Dahlia and Gavin got married! Hurrah! My little sis, ah

Turned up to play a song for their son's naming day celebrations only to be told I was actually singing as part of the secret big surprise wedding service, had to read a spur of the moment limerick and plant a tree too, so a very busy day indeed. All went down very well, seems maybe I have a tiny spot of talent after all : )

I even managed to add the old reception drunken violence when one of my parents friends tried it on with Tammie, which went down less well but left me feeling somehow macho and proud (prob not such a good thing)

Now back at work suffering slight culture shock...