Friday, June 03, 2005


So Pissed off now, fighting a mix of this shitty head state and the more "real" shizacoff (cant spell in german) bastards, its all grand piles of mird (or french) left there by many fucked up cabrones (or spanish) and i dont understand why it makes me feel this way.

ra and fuck.

dam, wanna kill.

hey, healthy shit.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Paul Harmon: "Trying to figure out the market for commercial AI is like trying to figure out the size of the market for illegal drugs. No one wants to admit they're engaged in selling or using AI products."

Cool. Drugs and AI. Yum.


nice, research mode now. good reading and listening to PlasticMan, echos... much better. need more research time, and maybe a vodka - –≤–æ–¥–∞ - or two. and chocolate. and new trainers. big knobbly ones.

Health Wealth and Fattiness

Watched Res Evil2 last night, most excellent - though I liked the first one and most didn't so this is a very personal sentiment. The whole game/film comes across very stylistically, almost comic in places, even some of the actors voices & lines seem to be straight from a cut scene - nicely done. And of course Mila is gorgeous as ever!

Also ate much comfort food - fish cakes and olives in feta/pepper/oil so feeling fat if not exactly happy. Need to go running before my body gets used to having love handles, Argh...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I've found myself getting the old depression again, all comes of the combination of women and computers. Need to do *something* to fight it off, but no idea what, too busy and stressed to do the usual build/write/play cures...

On the brighter side, finally got my Dan Electro Tuna Melt Tremolo (yum) and Kaisers Orchestra - Ompa til dor (yum yum), wayhey! Its great, well worth the wait (slow postage from Norway) full of energy and oddness.

Ah, sad.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Summer booze.

Had a weekend of fab booze, Andrew & I danced as the sun came up on sat morning having drunk on the beach all night, then we went to see Wendy James at the ocean rooms with Steveyj, Tam and Ben and got slaughtered (and Wendy kissed me, ah, famous kiss - Tammie got one up though, a private meeting with her for some serious heroine worship and got free tickets to the next gig) dancing like crazed zombies all night and freaking out the straights. Andrew got hit on by some guy (and ran away) and I smoked the first cigs since October last year, which I can feel now in my wheezy lungs. A few dodgy moments and a bit of shouting ensued in the market diner later on but apart from that (and falling over blind drunk in the queens park kids playground in the pouring rain causing some nasty cuts and bruises) it was all good fun. just relaxing now, and preparing to tidy the flat...