Friday, May 20, 2005

Another test to while away the hours spent not doing anything else:

Dam, i`m only 68% sex god, that's no good.


Wow, blast from the past at the Moby Gig - which was, needless to say Fucking Ace, Amy serving at the bar (*a* bar that is) wow - thats, just ODD.
O D D .
Nice though.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Message to Drews.

-----Original Message-----
From: Gabriel Lee
Sent: 19 May 2005 17:57
To: 'Andrew Brady'
Subject: The Weather...

...looks shite for the weekend here and in oxford, was hoping that would
bias me one way or t`other. Might buy a sony discman thing tomorrow &
goth boots, then trudge over to your place with laptop to hand and
nimble dancing feet attached to my nicely demented ankles, imprisoned
cruelly by the boots while tormented by the dubious beats emanating from
my new head set of careworn doom...

Rain. Wet. No Boots.

Shopping with women is bloody impossible, everything I want they don't
like, every denial followed by a suggestion seemingly only chosen in
opposition to my original fancy, the phrase "I'm not influencing you,
just trying to help!" battered into my skull every time I comment on the

So, I didn't get new boots at lunchtime. I just wanted a pair of
over the top gothy things, nothing too special, big and different - not
another pair of Dockers (much as I love them) and definitely not some
Cowboy boot derivative.

Instead we traipsed around too many shops and I had to take a short cut right across the top of Brighton back to work, and in doing so took a wrong turn and had to run for 10 mins to make it back by 2pm, RA! It was nice to meet her for lunch though, just have to try to buy stuff some days, meet for lunch... ...other days.

My dear friend Andrew has had some of his illustrations published in a
paper by Dr. K.A.I. Nekaris (or Anna for brevity) on the convergence of the eyes in the native Loris (or so I gather from a brief scan) which is just *so*
much more important than bloody computer games. (at least Integrity

Now gonna sit here and drip on my PC while I fight M$ shite GUI in the name of giving our designer some work to do. ARGH!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


...What a loada pants, 'course I'm judging by videos alone, but whats
this crap about more shitty pro war rubbish and even more crap racing
games. A few exceptions, but not many. PS3 looks nice enough - good tech
demos, though the ultra real stuff looked a bit pants to me...