Thursday, May 05, 2005


Is very good! I'm surprised to the tops of my sober blue green hairy spikes. All the obvious scenes still there plus a whole new lump of plot which complements it all nicely - biggest problem 4 me was the abridged jokes, but all in all it felt more of a homage than film in its own right (quite rightly so 2) complete with sexy Trillion and cameos by the original Arthur (Original! La cité du enfants perdu, lol) and Marvin, all very enjoyable. Wish I'd been catching the new radio series; however after a sleepless night of Nostalgia / MidlifeParanoia / MourningDouglas I think its probably a good thing I haven't. Ah. Sun Sea and... Pebbles. Need another cuppa tea...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Zombie AlcoPop

A great relief and sense of mindless achievement has dropped upon me
today as I managed to go to 5 pubs and then clubbing yesterday and had
not one drop of alcohol, an unhealthy amount of J20 and buckets of
orange juice which left me feeling somewhat worse than alcohol would've
but still, I had fun, don't think I hurt / damaged / upset / enraged /
offended / murdered anyone so all in all a success. Actually, I probably
offended a coupla people but that's better than usual.

The weekend, all in all, was entertaining and a good break from work -
and though I may have been an intolerable arse I feel a certain inner
peace knowing I'm both human and free willed enough to be an arse when I
feel like it - be that somewhat more so when under the influence of
ethanol bearing beverages. If I can maintain my soft drink
stance I think I can be happier than I could as an alcoholic, at least in the
short term; whence I should probably attempt the even harder task of
moderation, something I'm currently incapable of.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Toxic Shock

Today I'm in pain, way too much over indulgence last night has left me feeling bruised and battered - and I'm actually bruised and battered to boot having spent way too long in "Gabriel the alcoholic arsehole" mode scrapping with everyone and downing bottles of red wine while dancing like a mad fucker to heavy techno. I'm very grateful to Amanda for putting me up, and Sam for being a good drinking partner and cool Goth dudess - without them the night would've been pretty crap as everyone else pulled out or got left behind and refused entry to the dodgy Goth pub down Kentish Road.

I've had my super nutritious blimming delicious salad and feel nearly existent, but will have to sleep for a good fourteen hours to recover enough to not shake and stutter like a deficient twat. Had a lovely walk from Royal Oak around the perimeter of Hyde Park (which was packed, hence I avoided crossing it) and down Park Lane to Victoria Station, the sun was balmy, must've sweated out a gallon or two of salty alcohol. Read much of Down and out in Paris and London too, a great piece of work. Ah, 20:44 - bedtime...