Saturday, April 30, 2005

Heat Wave

So hot this morning, like a muggy swamp feeling in here - all the plants got a good watering & shower a coupla days ago so now they're busy re-hydrating the air with a lovely damp earth forest after thunderstorm smell, Dead Kennedy's Time to Melt 12" on the player to bring me down after listening to the Venetian Snares since 845 this morning, yum & more yum.
Totally failed to get to Milton Keynes to help Nik move house - useless fucker that I am, but have re-blued my shitty hair ready for gothdom tonight - ah, nostalgia, and managed not to drink anything containing alcohol yet.
Just about.
Speaking of which I may have a quick glass of homebrew - as a thanks 2 myself 4 getting up b4 9am on a bank holiday Saturday 2 do a bloody s40 crap phone bugfix tiny heap build of Blob Boy - ah My Nemesis! ...a small blue blob who likes Fruit & Fucking, created by my own fair(ly naff) hand, ah, the irony...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Bad Wine

I failed in my new months resolution (which I made yesterday morning)
last night, several days before the month even starts and drank Red Wine
in the pub, we got rowdy and spent a fortune, not to mention blacked out
most of the bits we probably should remember. Ah well, try again I
suppose. Got into a car with some guy I asked for a lift who pulled up
beside us because he wanted a light, Tammie was angry - not totally
unsurprisingly, as that kind of behaviour get you mugged/killed etc,
damned sociable drunkenness. I passed out pretty early but, it turns
out, Tammie sat up watching Kylie videos until 3am. She was mighty ill
this morning, Lol.

Gotta prepare for Slimelight tomorrow - if we go that is, Camden
shopping first - NO RED WINE in the pub or I`ll end up goodness knows
where - but goodness probably wouldn't accompany me to such a place -
approaching "the dark side" Sideways...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Venetian Snares

Ahhh Beautiful Music.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Boom Boom!

WayHey, I've been shown a token of appreciation by work, cor! That
hasn't happened for a long time, shite industry that this is! Happy now
:) also stumbled on radio, Wicked as the
devil himself & great to stab the keyboard to!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Went to see Maria full of Grace on Sat, an excellent film, had me snivelling into my vin rouge. Thought the "full of grace" might have been a bad translation of "full of heroin" though. Well worth the effort to see at the cinema, not as harsh as Bullet Boy, but more nerve wrenching somehow.

More Noodles. Yum.

Oh, and Hi to Brighton-Wok, I don't check my guestbook very often, looks fun; we`re supposedly shooting a Zombie short to use in my up-coming "Histoire Du Zombie" (or some such ponsey title) talk at the Catalyst Club - but I don't know if it'll actually happen...


Ah - the slow grind of work knawing doggedly at the corners of my alcoholic desire, lightened by Arthur Dent, looking older than I’d like to think he would, a gauge of the quantity of time rushing by us, through us, permeating our bodily mass with age and despair. and some other crap in that vein, hopefully my delicious nutritious pot noodle Mexecano will block this torrent of sober wanting and allow me an afternoon well spent writing complex code to counter the many conundrums placed in my way by fate and all her nymph like sisters.

Yum. Spicy.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Omg, serious memory problem - both Tam and I blacked out last night at
our land lady's birthday party - well in the pub afterwards, no idea
what happened. I have some blurry video on my digicam of me laughing
like a madman and a pool table, a phone number on a scrap of paper in my
jacket pocket with no name which I also texted "Ra" to at about 930pm,
apparently we came home separately and it was raining hard yet my
clothes were dry. What happened? I have no idea, there is also a picture
of our land lady sticking her tongue in my ear? Why? And one of some
lights, possibly from a car window. I'm just hoping either we didn't
totally alienate||scare everyone there or they've blacked out too...