Friday, April 22, 2005

broken server

all week, fighting with bloody outlook hence no blogs and much anger, crashing, stealing focus, being shite. i h8 outlook, its bleak, not rosey.

apart from that, what a week! booze and fun, excessive excess. and now its friday. woohoo.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Oxford Frolics

Had a bit of an odyssey this weekend, went to see 50ft wave in Islington on Friday - who were excellent (thankyou very much Tammie for taking me to yet another cool gig) then got the Oxford tube over to a party in Oxford with a mixed bunch of Rebellion rebels, a tortuous >2 hour journey due to roadworks on the m40 - typical! Watched southpark and drank huge quantities of Laid Back Ruby cabernet till ~330am b4 dropping in an exponential fashion into deepest nostalgia personified by chips, cheese and mayo from Kebab Kid on Cowley Road, more entertainment was then provided by Andrews first good Vomit of the year, back to Marston where drunken sleep ensued. Saturday was full of good food and pubs, Ivan and Andrew providing me with silliness to photograph and film (plus another who's name is to blurred to remember at present - Dan? Alan? No idea...) and finished several movies and bottles of vin rouge later at ~8am Sunday morning. This provided the age old problem of toxin poisoning, much aided by Andrews cooking skills and am's good company - allowing me a relaxed phasing out of the Oxford scene, a slow slide via the Oxford Tube - supposedly to meet Nik (ffsurrdd), Amanda (ffsurrdd`s lady) and Dave (founder of Wildcat games, and good buddy 2boot) but on reaching Victoria I found a problem with hanging around in London - namely trains, my only chance to get home b4 1am was to leave immediately, a (fucking slow shitty delayed) Southern train, which took 3 hours to travel the 50 miles from Victoria to Brighton. More drinking then took the edge off my irritation and the journey allowed me to do much preparatory reading for my Zombie talk at the Catalyst Club in July. Apart from the Woeful absence of Tammie from the Oxford proceedings a most excellent weekend - Thankyou to everyone involved for helping me have such a good time!