Friday, April 15, 2005

FW: Sexy Chavs

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From: Gabriel Lee
Sent: 14 April 2005 10:54
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Subject: Sexy Chavs

I was accosted yesterday morning, while running through the rain trying
to get to work on time to meet our **** producer guy for the first time
- meanwhile he rode down from London on his bike - 45 miles, now that
guy is not to be messed with, the protagonist was a rather cute young
chav in a taxi, accompanied it would seem by her whole chav family. She
shouted "hey, groovy blue hair, wow man that's totally in fashion!" and
more of the same - I naturally thought she was taking the piss so I
ignored her - but as I reached Queens Park the taxi came up beside me
signalling to turn left in my path. Forced to stop I turned to the girl
in the back, she said "Love your hair, that's totally groovy", I
responded as I normally do, by saying "Ra!". She became quite confused
(it suited her, furrowed brow, head cocked to one side) and said "er?"
quite loudly. So I said "ra?". At this point the taxi pulled away,
leaving me feeling "a bit silly" as it was obvious that she hadn't been
taking the micky at all, and I'd just totally failed to forfill my role
as "useful member of society" and alienated someone just because a) I'm
insecure & b) she was pretty, blond, about 18 and had hoopy earrings. Oh
well, next time I'll try "Thanks, love the White fur rimmed bomber
jacket love, fancy a..." or some such nicety. "Ra!" just says it all

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Thai Brown Chilli

Today is Brown Chilli day, a wonderful new (ish) invention - basically a
red chilli source but with a big pile of turmeric and a big pile of
paprika creating - Brown Chilli. I've nearly finished mine, its burning
hot like the fetid breath of Satan while refreshingly cool like three
day old tea. Ah! Lentils betwixt thy teeth!

Met our concept artist today, nice guy - not really what I expected. I
thought he'd be a "way out dood" kinda chap, seemed almost young
professional; `course that's me (over there, in the corner by the pot
plant) judging a book by its title font again, a symptom of growing up
in a fashion business.

So why are these all new posh doctor who episodes too long, and why are
the stories so short? That's the question of the minute, if you ignore
the heated discussion around the popes demise that is - did he really
smoke dope? It would explain the illness rather better than "he talked
too much" or claims to the effect that the "blood of Christ maybe
carcinogenic". And was he good or bad overall? He did much good, but
then the whole birth control thing and Africa - not to mention the
Catholic thing...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Blue Hair

Ah, back in the office. Sun streaming through barred, blinded windows.
Must go & enjoy...

Much hair repair yest - bought dye of the darkest blue and sat around
like a blue max headroom for 2 hours to make abs certain it would take
properly, now I look nice and freaky - and surprisingly am still
relatively accepted here in the office, had a good Sunday, interesting
mushroom dish at the pull and pump which was slightly marred because Ben
was in a foul mood cause he's skint and I kept talking about going
out/wine/cash and things, then met up with Ross and Tam to watch Bullet
Boy, an excellent, dark & v.serious British kids with guns movie which
raises many questions and worries about the state of society. Fun.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

thompson memorial

Had a wicked Saturday - the homebrew has stopped frementing (drowning in its own piss, life is gross isnt it?) so we drank a load - well i drank a load, tam was restrained, having already been to the prince arthur for a few we became quite leary, so timothy in fact that i bleached my hair blond - which looked very manga, but tam h8ed, then dyed it blue with the dregs of some dye i found in a box of stuff from ~6 years ago; which didnt work very well so now i look really fucked up, painted `me nails black and followed a trip to circus circus to indulge in more cider with a l8 night showing of fear and loathing, accompanied by a squeezy bottle containing one bottle of cheap red as i knew the cinema bar would be closed by the time we actually got there, then fucked up whatever cash i`d saved with home brew and cheap plonk in the cinema by getting a taxi home - six quid fifty, fuckers, taxis here are more expensive than central london, still - better than being mugged i suppose, and good for the overpayed lazy which is what i aspire to become and some may claim already am... dam & bugger, now i need to go buy more hair dye and repair the damage - then get to work on the dead pixels first single which is shaping up nicely even though none of the other band members have actually had a chance to add to it yet, super ego here is having a whale of a time playing god, again.