Friday, April 08, 2005

And then...

Back earlier in the week, after the dog incident...

...things got worse, the day turned surreal, hot and weird, foreboding
of the unattached sort - leading to some f*ckwit teenage chav dropout
nearly decapitating me with a four foot pole tipped with a 6 inch spike
of broken plastic. Ok, it was a mistake & he's obv not intelligent
enough to know better, but still - stunstick/stab/push into rush hour

...then some sweet old biddy (who I later realised was the spitting
image of grandma death, argh) asked me to buy her chips - how weird? Got
weirder, as she stood in the doorway of her dilapidated block of flats
in her (literally) mouldy nightdress and slippers and watched me go over
to the pizza place opposite as she'd asked, only to be confronted by a
gorgeous Italian woman tarted up to the tip top glace lipsticked lushus
lavender loveliness who pouted & flirted & denied she sold chips of any
sort but wedges, leaving me looking deflated - unable to explain to her
why i`d want to buy chips in a pizza takeout cause i`d look weirdomatic,
yet unable to buy chips for mrs G.Death thereby looking weirdomatic
anyway. So I left and took da lady's quid in small change back to her,
apologised, argued for a minute or two that I wanted to go home and eat,
not walk the next nearest chippy, the Cod Father or the Golden Fryer,
got told to take a bus home when I informed her I lived down the other
side of Kemptown to which I responded "I can't afford a bloody bus!" -
which is a lie, but one which made her laugh, then trudged home though
the odd looking streets - all which were oddly devoid of people. At
least I didn't get the usual taxi driver on every corner all the way
home, each sitting there staring at me as I walk past, looking intent
then talking into their radios as soon as they think I`m outta sight.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yada yada...

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Argh. 1132am, time slipping away, need to work, argh, not enough...

So, beautiful day, sunny, no doubt ace down the beach atm, office not so
good - but at least I work on fun stuff as opposed to the usual office
drivel. Tempted to start smoking again just to get the chance for an
hourly break in the sunshine - don't get me wrong, I *am* a goth coder
type b-negative however I do *love* sunshine and like a good tan. So,
tanned goth coder.

Great walk in through queens park this morning, usually spoiled by heaps
of dog sh*t from all those cack f*ckers who walk their dogs on public
land and don't bother to clean up after them (wa*kers & tw*ts the lot of
`em) today no sh*t - wayhey, prob just my bad eyesight, **but then**
nearly outta the park and this senile looking black labrador came
yowling & slavering at me; god of control that I am I just shouted &
pointed and he ran off; changed his mind, came back making more noise
(rabies I thought) so I shouted again and was saved, the owner
apologised profusely - but evil thoughts pervaded my mind all the same,
leash/collar/stun-stick/vet/muzzle/kick in the face etc. still, its so
summery those thoughts soon left me as I re-entered the smog zone -
brighton central. Rant.