Friday, March 11, 2005

pubbad the bad

pubbad got me again last night, my potting compost and big pot(TM) ended up at someone elses house, i went from pubbad with j and t to worse where i had a fun time with k, then things become all glittery and odd, from worse we travelled back to better where i insisted on staying up drinking badbadbad rosie badbadbad with j till the small hours. this sensless thing then slept well & has now nearly sobered up ready for more badability around the cross king for drastic gothtastic tonight...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

potting compost

weary lunch hour shopping for potting compost - I've finally sickened of writing code, decided to grow some instead. gotta write a quick virtual template Seed::DNA holder function and populate it with some simple mimes to get it going, hopefully in a few weeks it'll take root and produce some good code. what I'm aiming for is a nice fully functioned opengl engine - like the ones I've written b4 but with built in updating and optimisation via simple gene splicing, then I need to grow a quick game algorithm - invaders to start with, and cross breed them. with the addition of a platform based genus I can keep cross breeding and have something decent to play by Christmas.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

lifes too short to blog

Life is good atm, well, better than the recent mean average. way too exciting to get around to continuing my blog on any kinda regular basis - so heres a lunchtime of non-woe - unless you take this seriously in which case you get woe, woe and more woe. wow, what a lot of woe - saw the doves last night - interesting, quite good in places, overall: well produced retro harmless tripe with nice light show. got drunk, had fun, annoyed neighbours with electrelane till 1am, feel wiped this morning.


Monday, 4.5 hour commute to work from oxford with little sleep and a hangover...


sat, satans day watched 2046 possibly the best movie I`ve seen this year, got pissed, drank expensive cocktails in ponsey cowley rd bar, stood up many members of rebellion who insisted on going to the fu*king zodiac (yuk, shite shite shitey crap turd) and went "home" (place of weekend bed apparatus) to watch Stray Dog - which by a freak coincidence appears to be connected with 2046 in some way (vise versa obv) and, though good, the dosey old fashioned violence and black and white betrayal sent me to sleep.


HUGE hangover, biggest hangover for at least 6 months, missed mega bus by nearly 6 hours, long hot sick train journey, long hot nauseous bus journey by ox tube, long hot vomity pub session or two, goregeous meal (feeling just well enough to eat a little) at the Pink Giraffe - which looks a little tatty on this site, don`t be fooled, its not. had fake pork, real crab and hangover recurrence reaction promoter in the liquid form (cabernet sauvignon) which was found to be particularly effective at room temperature when added to crab and sizzling soya in Giraffe Style Sauce (GSS - mono sodium based hydrocarbon mush).


drunk, very very drunk, rich b`s leaving do, big vin rouge based mark on the carpet, many hours of abuse and hilarity, wine and souless bitching everywhere, bus booked for 6am, climbed onto the bed at 5.20am for a nap.


blank tape, some white noise, bits of drunken conversation...


one week previous, rich b`s welcome party, slam dancing at the Glouster - a real shithole club, thrown out by several annoyed testosterone fueled bouncers.

rewind, pause, stop.