Saturday, January 29, 2005

bored. wanna go out. bugger. h8 brighton, its shite.

sci fi

isn't it odd the way science fiction seems to "quite" accurately predict the future politically & socially? worrying too.

my mum once said she was sorry for us (the kids) because we were going to have to grow up in the age of nukes and neo Nazis

(ok, my interpretation of what I remember her saying, we were ~4, 7 & 8, but mums have a way of hiding allot of this sh*t in the general wish wash of new info they obligingly tattoo into your sub conscious) I can say the same to most American kids - and at this rate all kids. not nice.

On a different note:

Friday, January 28, 2005

I dont wanna get up in the morning...

its cold and wet, and the rain just keeps pouring - to quote myself (ah! ego monster!)

thought i`d just record this (common) moment, 5 mins b4 i leave for work, and theres no milk left, i`ve put my weetabix&musli mix in a chinese takeaway box for another time and am concentrating on PAYDAY!!! wayheyhey!!! to help ignore the rumblings of my stomach....

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Big Hi to Mr Nik, and a Blog pressy:

ahhh, evening, time of rest and watching

which is nerdy "as Hell" but very amusing, and

which looks fab!

both courtesy of mr dave!


Wayhey! Lunchtime blog!

3 days till payday, ah, first pay in 8 months, bugger me sideways...

Today is Buck day, He`s devalued over the years but not as badly as his $namesake$
(nasty, looks like a makefile, yuk)


Zap Me Wilma...

now that invites a few interesting captions...

New Kitty coming soon, with fun and frolics as Koder Kitty the Kool Kannibal Kat visits the Dyke Bar in search of a lushus licking from a little lesbian lush...