Sunday, January 16, 2005

January sales

ah, the cold wet weather,long dark nights - what a magical time of year!

apart from the chav invasion brought on by the sales, which is - quite annoying.

found this very amusing, having experienced the tube to work several times in the past i can see why it drives people mad on a regular basis. still, can`t be as bad as thameslink...

just "focus tested" the new kitty on my darling wife - she says its going too far - "i don`t really think kitty would eat someone!", well i disagree, i think kannibal koder kitty has a nice ring to it. have a fab contribution from tactical badger, a tasty torsk of office torment.

everyone else i`ve asked to contribute as declined - `cause they all work in the entertainment industry so they have no free time, how ironic :)

some nice footage:

which made me giggle (for some unknown reason)

time to clear up after a night of drawing wildly with copious quantities of cheap aussie red wine...